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You must have never played ten High Tech smart tech

2018-04-08 19:12:33

Get out of the way! I'm about to start putting on the X, the quick fix! Follow me! Take a look at 10 smart technologies on the market that will never let you down!


Oculus RiftOculus Rift is a virtual reality device, after wearing it, you will see another virtual world, and through the binocular parallax, users will have a strong three-dimensional sense. This device is likely to change the way people play games in the future. A friend with Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 experience roller coaster, scared to piss ~!!!


wenpod SP2WENPOD is an intelligent video stabilizer that redefines shooting. Ordinary people can also shoot professional and stable videos with wenpod. Even if the subject is moving or even moving, it can also stably follow the shooting. With wenpod SP2, your powerful photography capabilities are no longer idle! Since (chou) Pai (mei) people must buy yo ~


Jabra-Sport Pulse WirelessJabra Sport Pulse Wireless is a combination of wireless sports headphones, smart heart rate band and wireless headphones, so that active people can enjoy music while exercising without any control, and can know their physical condition. This is definitely the pinnacle of Jabron's revolutionary wearable headset product and won the 2015 CES Innovation Award. zhuang (zhuang) end (bi) essential running artifact!


The sleek new BB&O BeoPlay A2 speaker features a leather wristband that delivers Bang&Olufsen's signature sound, 180W speaker power, and True360 all-round audio performance that delivers excellent sound quality no matter where you are in the room. 360 degree amplification technology, no dead Angle listening, 180W power small body big energy! "I'm not a sound box, I'm a work of art!"


Built on a traditional headset profile, the BeoPlay H6BeoPlay H6 uses a 40mm neodymium magnet custom driver to perfectly position the sound and find a balance between bass, accent and treble to easily create a top-of-the-range auditory spectacle. It turns out that sound can be so amazing, listen to the world of acoustics!


Lift WARELift WARE is a fat spoon. But this isn't just any spoon. It's a smart device designed for people with Parkinson's disease or other tremors. For patients with Parkinson's disease, essential tremor, etc., it is very difficult to eat independently. Liftware anti-shake spoon with active tremor elimination technology, which automatically moves in the opposite direction of the patient's tremor, reducing the tremor rate by 70%! Let the patient regain self-care ability! Liftware smart spoon, make people more dignified! Make eating easier!


Ninebot electric two-wheeler Ninebot is like nothing you've ever seen before! Step on the pedal and drive it by leaning forward and backward - it's fun to drive! The Ninebot senses the driver's posture and automatically maintains balance. Free your hands, mini flight! Your first robot! An alternative to congestion, your other car! "When others are still stuck on the road, you have already reached the destination of leisure, after drinking a cup of hot tea! Think about it is beautiful!" Green travel, you deserve to have!


Garmin Fenix3Garmin Fenix3 built-in exclusive design GPS chip and professional outdoor and sports functions, combined with top smartwatch technology and the new open Connect IQ platform, Excellent quality and handsome appearance Fenix3 is a watch that will run through life, work, health, fitness, sports and limits. Maybe someone looking at such a lot of data will say ---- "but there is no egg use" Fenix3 for nothing else, just to help you do better in your passionate life! Master must have artifact, must get√ it!


GameRobo Alpha-GAMERobo Alpha robot is a humanoid bone intelligent robot, 3D visual programming, this robot takes into account function and appearance, very visual impact, attracting the eyes of avant-garde young people. Are you bored? He can accompany you to sing, dance, tell stories, DIY fun!


DJI (DJI) spirit 3phantom3 is a high-end professional aerial photography aircraft, extraordinary aerial photography experience, more intelligent, more powerful, easy to control. 4K camera clear picture quality, real-time transmission of high-definition images, giving you an unprecedented high-definition experience. Discover the amazing beauty of the world, touch the deep thoughts of the soul, and feel the infinite freedom of flying! phantom3 takes you up, takes you up, takes you up!


You don't have to buy it to go home, but having fun with weird things does make life more interesting. Easy to find new and cool, scouring the world's top goods!