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Yangtze River Delta self-help tour accommodation guide

2018-04-02 00:00:49

Misty rain building. Graceful, water town charm, mottled wall powder, enchanted in the soft light. The city is located in the south wing of the Yangtze River Delta Hang Jiaxing Lake, east, south bay, west, north neighbors, is one of the birthplace of Majia Hong culture (7000 years ago), since the Tang and Song dynasties has been an important foreign trade port in the southeast coast of our country, known as "the hometown of fish and rice, the house of silk". The city is located in the river basin, the water country, for the ancient Yue people's settlement. The Spring and Autumn period across Wu Yue, known as the "Wu head over the tail", so both Wu "Taibo resignation of the legacy" and "Xia Yu diligent and thrifty habits". After the union of Chu and Yue, they received the influence of Chu culture for more than one hundred years. From the Qin Dynasty (222 BC) to the five Dynasties (907-960) before the implementation of the county system, has been belonging to Kuaijiwu County, the language is also a Wu dialect area, so the folk customs to Wu as the mainstream, water township distinctive characteristics, different from the province's mountainous areas and mid-levels. At the end of the Western Jin Dynasty and the end of the Northern Song Dynasty, the country was twice in turmoil, and more people in the north crossed the river to the south, bringing culture, complementary advantages, so that the folk style integrated the elements of custom, uniqueness and diversity coexist. Food: The food is rich and diverse, a wide range of categories, more kung fu in the details, not only the characteristics of the southern water town, soaked in the spirit of Wuyue, the full display of the delicate and diluted characteristics of southern food, but also highlights the heritage of thousands of years of ancient culture. Therefore, food can be described as a typical representative of food. Such as five Fang Zhai zongzi, boat dishes, Ling, etc., must try. Purchase: The local specialties include cornfish, crab, Wufang Zhai zongzi, Wenhu sauce duck, Tongxiang Hang white chrysanthemum, Pinghu egg, Haining watermelon, Xitang eight Zhen cake, etc. Handicrafts include black pottery, silk clothing, Pinghu silk woven blanket, Xishi lantern color, chopping knife, Haining leather, Tongxiang blue printed cloth, etc. It is the first place for your tourist shopping. Honghe Sweater Market is one of the largest sweater markets located on National Highway 320 in the western suburbs of the city. The market is 115 kilometers, 92 kilometers in the south, 72 kilometers in the north, and only 6 kilometers away from the exit of the Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway. It is an ideal place for weekend tourism and shopping. Entertainment: Every year, from August 16 to August 19 in the lunar calendar, the China International Qianjiang Tide Watching Festival is held in Yanguan, Haining. On the basis of inheriting the traditional tide watching customs, it also holds a variety of large-scale songs and dances and traditional folk customs display activities, reproducing the magnificent scene of the ancient people along the river to worship the tide to treat the disaster and enjoy the waves. Every year in May, the Tourism Festival will be held. There are lotus lanterns, water tug-of-war (grab lotus), white boat, rowing performance and other water Tours.