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Wuzhen water stage and Huiyuan pawnshop travel accommodation food guide

2018-02-15 00:00:00

The water stage is located on the north side of Xizha Old Street, the special feature of this stage is that it is built on the water, so people call it "water stage", and its scale and exquisite degree are also rare. The origin of Huiyuan Pawnshop can be traced back to the Southern Dynasty more than 1,000 years ago. At first, the monasteries, which received charity from hundreds of people and had a good income, lent their excess funds to the people in the form of collateral. This method of borrowing causes borrowers to suffer from high interest losses, but it has the role of financing funds for society and can save people in a temporary emergency.

1 Water stage


Standing on the stage, you can also see that the carved girder on the opposite side of the Qimen is engraved with the year name of the early reign of Tang Xuanzong Li Longji -- Kaiyuan. From the Qing Dynasty to the early years of the Republic of China, Peking Opera performances were popular, and the stage was usually temporarily built with wooden planks in the open land, called "grass terrace"; Part of the temple has a fixed stage, for the temple's annex, called "temple stage", do not sell tickets, the audience is standing on the empty field to watch. There is a "Temple terrace" on the square of Xiuzhen Temple in East Street of Wuzhen. It is an auxiliary building of Xiuzhen Temple, so it is named Xiuzhen Temple Ancient Opera Terrace. Xizha water stage and Xiuzhenguan ancient stage, is an important place for Wuzhen and nearby towns and villagers cultural entertainment. [Transportation] : Wuzhen town is mainly in the human tricycle, taxi mainly, the traffic in the scenic area is mainly on foot and hand-rolled cruise. END

2 Huiyuan Pawnshop


Wuzhen is the intersection of three prefectures and seven counties of two provinces, and is the business of the surrounding areas. At the end of Ming Dynasty and the beginning of Qing Dynasty, the four grids in the northwest and southeast of Wuzhen were connected into a piece, and "people's things were fufu, and the first house garden pool was filled in his town." There were 13 pawn shops in Wuzhen at the most, and 7 in front of Heaven. In the war between the army and the Qing army, the west gate and the North gate of Wuzhen were seriously affected, and the walls were broken everywhere. In the early years of the Republic of China, the economy of Wuzhen recovered slightly, and the pawnshops also revived and restored to 5, which are East Gate Baochangdang, South gate Baoshengdang, West gate Fengtai Dang, North gate Chun Tai Dang and Central City Huiyuan Dang. In the 1920s and 1930s, the first four closed their doors one after another, either because of losses, or because of looting by lake bandits, or because of the people's livelihood and the depression of the market. By 1931, only Huiyuan was still supported, and by the time of the Japanese invasion, Nifu was only able to go out, and it was soon shut down. Since Huiyuan was closed down, the history of Wuzhen pawn shop has come to an end. The pawnshop that remains today has become a microcosm of the financial industry in old China, with too much sorrow and dignity left behind the two mottled iron doors. [Transportation] : Wuzhen town is mainly in the human tricycle, taxi mainly, the traffic in the scenic area is mainly on foot and hand-rolled cruise. END

3 Recommend food


Steamed pork with lotus leaves is a famous dish with high reputation in Wuzhen. In the late Qing Dynasty, legend has it that its name is related to Qu Yuan wind load. It is with the fresh lotus leaves at that time, fried fragrant rice noodles and seasoned pork wrapped in steamed, its fragrance, fresh fat soft waxy and not greasy, summer eating is very suitable for appetite. Wuzhen braised mutton is very particular about the selection of materials, must be the "flower sheep" that year, that is, young Hu sheep as raw materials. Lake sheep are abundant in Hangjiahu in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, especially in the Beijing-Hangzhou section and Wuzhen area, which is the concentrated breeding area of lake sheep. 檇 Plum is a rare and precious fruit in ancient and modern times, and is also a traditional famous fruit in Tongxiang area. Its reputation is spread all over the world and its price is a hundred times. The reason is that 檇 plum fruit big color brilliant, small core thick meat, sweet pulp, unique flavor, rich nutrition, the crown of the group plum, can be sucked after maturity. In ancient times 檇 plum was a "tribute" to the emperor, and scholars of all ages were also fallen for it, leaving many beautiful legends and poems. END

4 Recommended Accommodation

Wuzhen Wanshunlou Hotel is located in the Shuixiang Guzhen West Street scenic area, and the entrance of the east gate is only a few steps away, is a three-story four-room simple and elegant self-owned room, the implementation of standard family management model, can provide guests with one-stop services for eating and living. There are more than 20 single, double standard rooms and triple rooms on the second and third floors. Address: No. 538-540 Longyuan Road, Wuzhen, Tongxiang City (directly opposite the East gate of the West Gate) Surrounding attractions: Lake (102 m) Wu General Temple (149 m) North Wetland (157 m) Visit Lu Ge (173 m) Zhaoming Academy (175 m) Reference distance: About 157 meters from the water stage, Wuzhen Inn is located in the north of Wuzhen bus station, Tongxiang City, walking to the station, and East gate scenic spot across the street, to the West gate scenic spot is also very convenient, superior geographical location. The inn is a family homestay serving sightseeing tourists, with all kinds of rooms, room facilities, air conditioning, TV, independent health... Address: No. 15-1, Daqiao Road, Wuzhen, Tongxiang City Surrounding attractions: Yingjia Bridge (176 meters) Ancient Opera stage (361 meters) Xiuzhen Temple (372 meters) Maodun former Residence (490 meters) Chishen Bay (687 meters) Reference distance: about 420 meters from Huiyuan Pawnshop