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World Water Day river expedition location guide

2018-02-20 22:24:00

World Water Day is another holiday established by mankind at the end of the 20th century to raise public awareness of water and strengthen water protection. To meet the needs of People's Daily life, business and agriculture. On World Water Day, it is very meaningful to go on a river expedition and feel the warmth of the water.


The city is located in the central mountain of China Qinba Mountain Hanshui Valley, the northwest, the upper reaches of the Hanjiang River, the name of the Ming Dynasty, Ming Dynasty Chenghua twenty years (1484) "Huguang Map annals" and the first year of Jiajing (1522) "Huguang Tongzhi" said: in the county (Yunxian County) south, because of the river irrigation. Its records of "ten scenes" in the spring ploughing, but also recorded Han Bi "spring ploughing" poem: the sound of water filled the stream, the south domain north long hoe plough; Advise farmers do not waste field official force, waist drum a person self qi. The city is mountainous, as well as waterlogging, making it an excellent place for waterlogging expeditions. Main attractions: Saiwudang Nature Reserve, Niutou Mountain Forest Park, Marine pastoral development, four Botanical Gardens, People's Park, ancient town, expansion base, reservoir rafting, Wudang Mountain, savage Valley and wild man Cave, resort, Hang Bang Rock, Show Temple, Luing King's former residence.


Located on the coast of Dongjiang, adjacent to Luo in the north, Daya Bay in the south, Dongjiang around the city, Jasper, known as the "gateway to East Guangdong" said. Many lakes, many streams, is also the best place to explore. Main scenic spots: Luo Scenic Area, Nankunshan National Forest Park, Xunliao Tourist Resort, Double Moon Bay camping, Xunliao Bay fishing two-day self-guided tour, Xunliao Bay.


Located on the north bank of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, it is at the junction of,,, and, respectively. City name Fengshui, unique and ancient water town. Is a profound national history and culture, since ancient times the people are simple, worship culture and education. According to historical records, since the Ming Dynasty, the region has produced more than 100 scholars, 8 winners, and 26 academicians. It is also the birthplace of China's national industry. In the 11th year of the Qing Dynasty (1861), in order to bloody suppress and slaughter the energetic celestial Kingdom movement, and "to control the Yi long skills", the Xiang Army under the command of Zeng Guofan established the internal ornance Institute, manufactured China's first gun, the first steam engine and the first steam-powered ship. It gathered a group of famous Chinese science and technology experts at that time, such as Xu Shou, 华蘅芳, Gong Yuntang, Xu Jianyin, Zhang Sigui, Li Shanlan, Wu Jialian, etc. It is the hometown of Chinese opera art. Main attractions: Mountain, Ling Lake Scenic Spot, Duxiu Garden, Xunliao coastal Wild war expansion base, Matang Lake Scenic spot, Huating Lake, Double Moon Bay camping, Boulder Mountain, Hizi Lake, Baiya Village, Yao Luoping Ping, Xue Jiagang, etc.

Matters needing attention

A pre-trip preparation plan should be made before the river activity, and the route and temporary evacuation plan should be made known to each team member. In case something goes wrong.


Drowning is one of the most common casualties when participating in river diving expeditions. In order to avoid drowning accidents, the location of wading across the river should be chosen in the shallowest water (shallower than the knee) and the water flow is stable, avoid crossing the river at the upstream of the rapids and waterfalls, so as to avoid slipping, not enough time to climb up or go ashore, it is close to the dangerous area. If you are crossing a river in deep water, you should first set up a protective rope or hold a long pole to test the depth of the water and carefully cross it slowly. If you are participating in river swimming activities, you need to regularly carry out training across streams, and it is best to equip yourself with special equipment such as helmets, life jackets and water swimming shoes to provide safety.