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Why is the website K?

2018-04-02 04:48:36

After the website is included and then change the website title, description or keywords, the actual content of the website and the snapshot content is inconsistent, it is no longer included and updated the website snapshot, this truth we should all understand! For example: my website title is: ABC, after being included in the user search ABC may find the site, but this time the webmaster changed ABC to 123, users still search ABC, found a 123 for the title of the content, users think: really garbage, even this can not be searched, thought: The original is the ABC title, but now the site master has changed, will certainly be angry, how to warn this site, first do not update the site home page, and no longer include the new content of the site, if you still change the site title, description or keywords during this period, think you said deliberately, directly reduce the right or clear inclusion! Often change the website title, keywords, description of the station, will be judged as a low-quality garbage station! This kind of judgment is understandable from the user, enhance the search accuracy! The following are a few points sorted out, hope everyone exchange and learn!


Finished site


Before the website is launched, it is necessary to determine the purpose and direction of the website, and it is necessary to determine the domain name used by the website, and it is best to set only a domain name pointing to the current website. After the website is included: the website title, keywords, description once determined do not change. It's even more dangerous if you change it during search engine inclusion. After the change, there may be a decrease in inclusion, snapshot update is not timely, keyword ranking decline, website weight reduction and a series of problems.


Keep the content of the website updated in time, and timely and continuously updated content must be placed on the home page where it is easiest to view. The updated content is not much but refined. It is recommended to publish original articles, if reproduced, be sure to make relevant modifications. It can enhance the good record of the major search engines.


Have you noticed the relationship between domain names and snapshots? In the website collection and snapshot update on the search engine generally first included no www domain name, for the www domain name detection and inclusion update more strict, because of this, the general domain name in order to better transfer the weight will do 301 permanent turn, remove the www access weight all transferred to the www domain name. In the ranking displayed on the home page, the general second-level domain name and www domain name are the easiest to achieve the ranking, which is also common, if the root domain name is used as the main domain name of the website and the www domain name co-main station domain name is easy to cause weight dispersion.


The home page is the heart of the website, must not pile keywords on the home page, to a reasonable combination of keywords on the home page. What is reasonable? In fact, there is no absolute standard, use natural language as much as possible. We all know that several indicators of priority search (website weight, keyword matching degree, keyword index, is not original, etc.) is not a full keyword match is good, and can be combined with natural language is good.


Do not bind multiple domain names to the same website, let alone clone multiple websites, duplicate content clone websites are the most taboo. It is easy to judge such behavior as cheating.


When the website has some keywords to do the first three of the home page, this time the webmasters should be careful to maintain this hard-won ranking, can improve the current keyword exposure, popular is to quickly expose these keywords in the public media, so that these keywords are more valuable, improve the keyword index, So as to achieve the search drop-down prompt search and related search effect.

What is the relationship between the ranking of keywords in search engines and PV, UV, bounce rate? Here we do a systematic analysis of these problems

Search engine sorting rules must be an effective analysis, contrast and record between search and access, whether it is google and other search engines are not very easy to judge the relevance of keywords and snapshots, how to judge the relevance of keywords and actual snapshots? Must be from the user, according to the effective search to make a judgment, people naturally search a keyword and access the results, users often can not find the results they want, so people naturally search the results, although access to your website, but not necessarily effective search, because the final search will not necessarily stay on your website, if you search for a word, Open the first result and find that it is not what you want, you will certainly continue to visit the following results, until you find the results you need before stopping to visit the rest of the results (there is also the possibility that you can not find the results you want) When you find the results you need naturally will not continue to visit the rest of the results, and the last stay of nature is called effective search; Although there are still many defects in this idea and algorithm, most search engines still use this algorithm as the best algorithm, because search engines can not judge the relevance of keywords and snapshots. Only through the comparative analysis of user needs to be recorded! Therefore, the cloud optimization software operation is definitely 100% effective search, keyword ranking is naturally easy to optimize up, but the problem that needs to be done after optimization is to enhance the website user experience and relevance; If the correlation is poor, it will be unstable or will soon be squeezed down, so: Generally, you should first do the ranking and then do the experience. Ranking is the external force of the software to you, and the experience is the technology to improve the website and meet the real needs of users, so that the keywords will gradually stabilize


PV, called page views or clicks, is often the main metric for measuring a web news channel or website or even a web news item. uv(unique visitor) refers to the number of people who visit a site or click on a news item from a different IP address. On the same day, uv only records visitors with unique IP who enter the website for the first time, and does not count when they visit the website again on the same day. Unique IP visitors provide a statistical indicator of the number of different viewers over a given period of time, but do not reflect the overall activity of the site. This is a basic explanation of PV and UV, so what is the relationship between PV, UV, and keyword ranking? We also analyzed the search engine keyword ranking rules and algorithms above, I think the relationship between the two is both related and non-related, related is the ranking of the top natural PV and UV will increase, not related is the search engine according to the user needs to search the results, just record the access to what results, and finally stay in which results, Do not know the subsequent PV and UV, so: PV and UV is only an indicator of the website statistics as a reference, such as which page visit more times, that the user is concerned about more, UV more users in different areas, so UV, PV and keyword rankings and no direct correlation!

Matters needing attention

Often change the website title, keywords, description of the station, will be judged as a low-quality garbage station!