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Why do the Black mage's leaves turn black?

2018-04-01 06:24:50

Why do the Black mage's leaves turn black? Once the black mage's leaves turn black, cut off the blackened leaves immediately, leaving healthy parts. Strong may be scorched by strong light. Put up a sunshade net to block out the strong sun. Here is a simple introduction to everyone!


The leaves of the black mage are charred and cannot be left on the plant, not only the appearance is deteriorated, but also related to the loss of nutrients. Therefore, as soon as a burnt leaf is found, it is necessary to cut it off immediately.


Pruning If only part of it is burned, cut that off and leave the healthy part. When almost all of the leaves are burnt, you can cut off the whole leaf.


The reason why the leaves of the black mage are burned may be because of the strong light, especially after watering, the leaves are stained with water, and if they are accidentally tanned, they will naturally burn.


Avoid strong sunlight exposure Normal exposure to sunlight during the growth period. Summer maintenance, be sure to pay attention to prevent sunburn, do not expose to the sun before noon.


The transfer place can be moved to the astigmatic place for maintenance, you can also hang a sunshade net to cover the hot sun.


The continuous high temperature in summer affects the growth of the plant, resulting in problems in water and fertilizer absorption and drying of the leaves.


If the temperature is too high, it is not only necessary to block the sun, but also to spray water to reduce the temperature. Sprinkle water around the plant to cool it during evaporation.