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Which is bigger, ceo or president

2018-04-13 04:48:35

Ceos have a lot of power. In addition to the chairman, the CEO has great power, the chairman is the major shareholder, and the CEO is the general manager hired by the board of directors. There is only one CEO, there can be several presidents; Such as: President of finance, President of operations, etc. CEO is an honorific with positive meaning, meaning the person at the helm of the company. In smes in most Asian countries (regions) with more mature capital markets, the title of CEO is a pronoun of "boss", not strictly referring to the chief executive officer, but is directly used as an English abbreviation for the manager of smes. The so-called president refers to the responsible person of the "responsibility team", which is the second executive in charge after the CEO, and is generally used in the title. Because it is the administrative person in charge, it is always cut people, so it is called "president", generally by the CEO concurrently. The earliest famous example of a CEO and President occurred in the United States in the 1960s with the Ford Motor Company. At that time, Ford III invited McManaman, who was known as the first of the "Blue blood Ten", to serve as President of Ford Motor, and McManaman became the first President without Ford family blood in Ford motor history. However, Ford III did not want to give up executive power completely, so he called himself CEO and formed a two-headed rule with McManaman, which was the beginning of the popularity of CEO positions in modern corporate history. But the chairman has more independence than the CEO.