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Whether rice oil is pressed or leached

2018-04-14 09:36:09

Rice bran oil, also known as rice oil, is an oil obtained from the rice bran (also including the germ) left over from the processing of rice.


Rice oil is a leaching process. Some are extracted by pressing method, and more are extracted by extruding and leaching method.


According to the national standard of rice bran oil (GB 19112-2003), the main fatty acid contents of rice bran oil from high to low are oleic acid 40%~50%, linoleic acid 29%~42%, palmitic acid 12%~18%, stearic acid 1.0%~3.0%, linolenic acid 0~1%.


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White rice is obtained by grinding away the bran and germ of brown rice. Rice bran is composed of exocarp, mesocarp, crosslinked layer, seed coat and aleurone layer.