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Where is the plush toy wholesale market?

2018-03-30 17:36:39

Plush toys, now many children have, and the toy market is continuing to grow, there are about 30,000 kinds of products in the Chinese toy market, mainly divided into electronic, mechanical models, plastic toys, wooden toys and so on. In addition to traditional toys, model toys, patented toys (movie toys, cartoon toys, etc.), dolls, high-tech toys, educational toys, Internet-compatible toys and adult toys suitable for adult leisure and entertainment are also constantly launched. Recently, a friend wants to open a physical shop selling plush toys, this is a more promising industry, the funds are ready, not a problem, but suffering from no supply, now there are too many wholesale on the market is not a first-hand source of goods, but we have no way to distinguish, have considered taking goods directly from the plush toy home before, but the home is a certain batch, I can't take that much at first, so I have to start with wholesalers. My friend's over here. Where's the wholesale stuffed animal market? In fact, in the plush toy wholesale market is still more, said Yiwu, the city of Sungang, I heard that there are toys, if you have time to go shopping, it is estimated that there will be unexpected harvest, but I personally think that if it is possible not to put again to see if there is a plush toy home minimum order quantity is more, so the price may be more advantageous.