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When traveling, where is a good place to visit?

2018-04-30 03:12:00

Go on. Are we gonna do something? Follow in my footsteps to make your journey more comfortable and happy.


Center Street. When you come to the Central Street, you must try the authentic Russian Western food, as well as the famous Maliere Popsicle. This commercial street with a history of more than 100 years is full of many classic European buildings, and is also full of various department stores. Every night, the whole street is rendered with lights and is a must visit. The Central street starts from the flood control monument on the bank of the Songhua River in the north to Jingwei Street in the south. On both sides of this pedestrian street paved with square stones, there are many European buildings of various styles such as literature and art and Baroque, which are full of romantic colors. During the festival, interesting ice and snow sculptures can be seen everywhere on the streets, waiting for you to take photos with them.


Hagia Sophia. The more striking part of the church is the large, full onion-tipped dome, a typical Russian roof form that can be compared to Moscow's Vasily Ascension Cathedral. The square in front of the church has a "square pigeon" and a large musical fountain, and many people like to take wedding photos here. Compared with the day, the night scene of the church is more beautiful, whenever the night falls, under the support of the light, the church is more majestic mysterious, full of exotic.


Russian town. The town retains dozens of Russo-style country houses and homes, and visitors can walk through the buildings and sometimes meet Chinese-speaking Russians to explain the furniture and layout. The ticket to this town is very special, it is a commemorative passport that you can take to the various huts to stamp. Many of the cabins here have different themes, such as the "100 years of time" of the clock collection, the "100 years of sound" of the collection of old records from various countries, and each cabin allows visitors to leave messages to commemorate. During the tourist season, there will be Russian style song and dance performances in the town, but there is an extra fee, if you are interested, you can go to see.


Snow Valley. After driving into the village, there is a small hill on the left side of the village, just walk over a bridge, and you can overlook the whole village. In the evening, the scenery of Snow Valley is the most charming, and the picture of the evening, the smoke curling up, restores the scene of the most primitive village in Northeast China, like a Chinese ink painting. The snow field here is very open, with few trees and good snow quality, you can shoot the magnificent landscape of blue sky and white snow, and it is also a resort for watching the sunrise. The snow village is located on the sunny side of the sheep grass mountain, and the snow valley is located on the dark side of the sheep grass mountain, so in winter, the snow in this area of the mountain will be thicker, especially when crossing the sheep grass mountain, you must pay attention not to leave the main road deep into the mountain, let alone into the mountain. The population of the small village is not large, and many families in the village run hotels, as well as small shops selling food and general equipment.


The Temple of Bliss. Jiyue Temple is a famous Buddhist holy place in Northeast China, and it is also the most prosperous temple of incense. It is said that prayers are very effective here. On the first and fifteenth day of each month, and on the eighth, eighteenth, and twenty-eighth of the fourth day of the lunar calendar every year, the Temple of Bliss will hold a grand temple fair, when the temple is crowded and lively. Built in 1924, the overall layout follows the traditional style of Chinese temple architecture. The temple plaque at the gate of the mountain is written by Zhang Jian, the champion of the late Qing Dynasty. The pagoda has a seven-level Butur pagoda and a pagoda of Dead monks and a hall of Five hundred Arhat. The seven-level floating layer tower is an octagonal seven-story attic style with a brick and stone structure and beautiful appearance. Walking into the temple of Bliss, you will feel the whole temple majesty and solemn, the building brilliant atmosphere.


Summary: The above is the fun place, you can go to punch in if you have the opportunity.