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What to pay attention to when buying funds?

2018-06-10 03:12:00

In the way of financial management, I have a special preference for funds, perhaps because the fund's own structure is indeed in a reasonable allocation of funds, especially mixed funds, often can bring good returns, that sentence you do not manage money, financial ignore you, it is estimated that everyone has been familiar with it, more experience and share with you the experience of buying funds,




Or a computer


Try not to trade funds on public Wi-Fi or public computers,


Friends who have not bought funds can first take out 1000 yuan to try the process of buying funds, the fund enters t+1 days, or t+2 days, and the same is true when taking out, this t represents the time you operate, and +2 means that the account is received, you only need to actually operate once, and you will have the bottom of your mind.


Buy the fund also depends on the trend, usually, when the trend is higher, do not take over, even if the fund distribution is very reasonable, but the rising space is not unlimited, to a certain extent, those who buy the fund at a low price will be shot, these people are shot, causing the fund trend to fall, the fall will have many people follow. Causing the fund to return to a lower price and your wealth to shrink, you can only sell until the fund's price exceeds what you paid for it,


If the trend of the fund is very low in the recent January, the trend of the latest year, now the lowest, this may be a good meeting, not only you do this, many people will stare at this opportunity, will be tentative to buy, resulting in the fund a little rebound, a little profit on the sale, the foundation fluctuated within a week, As long as it doesn't bottom out and there's an upward trend, it's safe,


Find the ideal price of their own sale, you can not expect yourself to take over at 0.72, the next week rose to 0.75, sometimes rose to 0.75, you are not willing to hand, the result of watching for a week became 0.71, your heart is affected not only the loss of money, but more importantly because of the loss of their own mentality. Don't hesitate to sell at the ideal price, even if it goes up 0.77 in the next week, you don't have to be depressed, because you do make a fortune,


Buy funds, do not buy a single, to spread the purchase of potential funds, so that under the average action, some rise, some fall, as long as the majority of the rise, your funds will increase in value, eggs do not put in one basket is the truth,


How much is your wealth, you use most of the money to invest in the fund, the general prudent investment is 3:7, the investment fund accounts for 30%, 70% stays in the bank, and the active investment is 50%, the risky is 7:3, the money to buy the fund accounts for 70% of their wealth, who is the winner of the fund, the premise is that the fund must be on the scale, If your economic status belongs to the middle class, take 5 million to enter the fund market, and the active investor is a real estate businessman, take 50 million to enter the fund market, if the prudent investor takes 30% is 500 million to enter the fund market, the winner is definitely the scale of the player, those who take 50,000 yuan to enter the fund market, will soon be diluted. These fund players, every move will affect the fund's rise,

Matters needing attention

Funds buy less happiness,