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What to do with the torn happy character

2018-02-15 03:12:00

Today, some netizens asked me how to deal with the happy word torn off, Xiaobian checked some information on the Internet, and then according to the income, I hope to help you.






Method 1: Recently, many netizens are consulting how to deal with the tear off the happy words, if you are married, since the marriage has been married, the old wedding words are unwrapped, if you do not want to throw away, they are wrapped in newspapers, put into the bottom of the cabinet pressure, leave a memory. Looking back later is also a nostalgia


Method 2: When is the wedding word posted, the new house is generally posted on the morning of the wedding day. Due to different habits, many regional women have the rules of "not Posting happy words, not inserting, not using red paper to cover the manhole cover", but Posting happy words on the morning of the bride's return. Where is the happy letter posted? The front door is plastered with solid happy characters, both sides should be plastered, it is best to even numbers, words are not plastered words are empty joy. Other front door stickers will do, different sizes. The gate of the community of husband's home and marriage house. Windows and mirrors can be decorated with special window joy, or the kind of engraved joy characters. Electrical appliances, doors and Windows, home, bedside newlyweds, both men and women outside the home to stick red happy words. This post happy character, in China is a bit particular.


Method 3: The man posted happy word, should be posted from the outside of the home, if it is living in the community, then start from the gate of the community, according to the route of the wedding car into the home, stick on the tree pole, as far as possible on both sides of the road, if the tree or pole on both sides of the road is asymmetrical, you can also stick according to the actual situation, but the best number of the total number of happy words is even. The woman's letter of happiness, that is from home to post. Stickiness, but also as far as possible on both sides of the road symmetrical stickiness, the total number is even. A happy and auspicious picture. As for the indoor happy word, you can stick the first night of the wedding, according to the situation of your own home, in the appropriate place on the line, generally a front door, two on the living room window, a bedroom door, two bedroom Windows, the dining room can also be posted. Buy happiness characters in different sizes. For the front door, it's usually in big, gold lettering. On trees or telephone poles, put smaller happy letters. The happy characters on both sides of the floor gate hole, the happy characters on the front door of the home, and the happy characters on the interior door should also be larger


Method 4: The technique of Posting happy characters; The happy characters in the new house are generally thin plastic paper or paper-cut, which can be affixed with water, or the Zhu Li toothpaste can be squeezed a little in the corners on the back and then pasted, so that it is easier to remove and will not damage the items in the home. However, it is best to use double-sided adhesive Angle on light-colored furniture, so as not to stain the furniture with water. If there are marks on the glass or light-colored furniture that cannot be removed, you can apply a small amount of hand cream to the marks first, and then wipe gently after a few minutes, or wipe away with banana water (nail polish remover), gasoline, alcohol, etc. Stick happy word pay attention to, happy word pay attention to pairs, if a single door, the front and back of the door should stick happy word. The decoration in the home is also suitable for even numbers, to discuss a good prize. (According to different habits, some regions of the bride's back door happy word stick singular), such as the recent neighbor married, the gate of the community, the manhole cover happy word has not fallen off, do not remove the happy word, try to buy the same or slightly larger model of happy word cover the original happy word, meaning "double happy". In addition to mirrors, electrical appliances, etc. that interfere with daily life of the wedding word can be removed on the second day, the door of the word is best not to tear, let it fall off naturally, or after a year of marriage to clean up.

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