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What should I pay attention to after pregnancy

2018-04-22 16:00:52

Getting married and having children is a very important turning point in a person's life. A person may only speak about their body feelings when they really have to face them. What I want to share with you today is what to pay attention to when you are pregnant. Let's have a look


Food and drink. Life is inseparable from diet, three meals a day nutrition is very important. There may be vomiting, loss of appetite, no interest in food, nausea in the pre-pregnancy period. However, after the first three months, you will slowly recover your appetite, at this time, you should watch more recipes about diet, and each meal should be nutritionally balanced.


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Traveling. After pregnancy, it is not necessary to stay at home all day, on the contrary, appropriate travel is conducive to the health of the baby and the mother. For women in the workplace, pay attention to the means of transportation, and do not ride the tram in the late pregnancy. In addition, Bao dad should also be more considerate of his mother's difficulties, hard for a few months, you can accompany him to work. This specific situation analysis, safety is the main.


Get dressed. For the sake of good health, give up some makeup and tights, high heels. Comfort is the main, in addition, pay attention to wear cotton clothes as far as possible, underwear underwear should also be comfortable, wear pregnant women special underwear underwear, change frequently, keep clean.


Daily life. After pregnancy, there will be a little drowsiness, which depends on each person's physical condition. Most pregnant women will feel sleepy, at this time, we must ensure that we have enough sleep time, go to bed early at night, take a lunch break, develop good habits, and have an impact on the baby's rest time in the future.


Mindset. After pregnancy, the state of mind will change, especially when uncomfortable, there will be a little complaint, mood change, and you can't concentrate too much attention to do things. At this time, as a treasure father should also be more understanding of the treasure mother, to communicate more for her, go out for a walk, take good care of her. Treasure mother can not often stay at home, more communication with friends and family, the release of bad emotions, is also a way to adjust the mentality oh.


Prenatal check-up. Pregnancy can not be avoided after childbirth, generally confirmed after three months of pregnancy to go to the hospital to build a card, and then in accordance with the doctor's time to make an appointment to check, basic items, early pregnancy, middle and late, each stage of the examination are different, there is the age limit should also be appropriate to do some risk assessment, which is also the basic responsibility for the health of pregnant women and babies. Therefore, don't ignore the items that should be checked.

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