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What should I do if the outside glass of the car fogs

2018-04-14 01:36:51

When the outside glass of the car fogs, the following measures can be taken to solve the problem:


Turn on the warm air system in the car: turn on the warm air system to the highest temperature, turn on the fan, and blow the warm air to the glass surface, and the heating glass can quickly remove the fog.


Turn on the air conditioning system: Turning on the air conditioning system can reduce the humidity in the car and reduce the possibility of glass fog.


Use a front mist eliminator: Many cars are equipped with a front mist eliminator that can remove fog from the glass by spraying a mist eliminator.


Use defogging agent: You can buy special defogging agent in car maintenance or supermarket, spray on the glass surface, and then wipe with a clean cloth, you can quickly remove fog.


Use windshield defogger: Using windshield defogger on glass can effectively remove fog, the defogger can be used according to the instructions.


Clean the glass surface: If there is dirt or oil on the glass surface, which can easily lead to fog, you can use glass cleaner and a clean cloth to wipe the glass surface and keep it clean.


Avoid opening the internal circulation mode: The internal circulation mode will lead to an increase in humidity in the car, which is easy to cause glass fog, it is recommended to use the external circulation mode.