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What scenic spots are worth going to play in the lake? (1) - Xiao Wu Tourism

2018-06-10 22:24:00

As one of the four largest freshwater lakes in the north, the lake has a history since the Five Emperors period, with both beautiful natural scenery and a long history of human landscape and human history. At the same time, as a child of Lunan with the spirit of resistance since ancient times, both in the feudal society and in the Anti-Japanese War and the war have left a memorable battle story, the lake is also a revolutionary old area and red scenic spot. The following Xiaobian will briefly introduce what scenic spots in the lake are worth playing. 19 Lake has what iconic local food - Xiao Wu tourism


Lake scenic spot


Lake National Wetland Park Lake National Wetland Park is the largest meadow lake wetland in Asia, the scenic spot is 4A level scenic spot, is one of the "Top ten charming wetlands in China" in 2013, located in the county area of the province and city, less than 3 kilometers out of the city can be reached. The wetland park was approved in 2011 and officially opened in May 2013. It is the only state-level wetland park in the city and the only wetland park named after "Lake". Under the protection of the East Route of the South-to-North Water Diversion project and the protection and development of wetlands, the natural ecology of the lake has been greatly restored and developed, and the previously extinct fish and shrimp, water birds and aquatic plants have all recovered. Lake Wetland Park is a comprehensive large-scale tourist scenic spot integrating ecological protection, tourism and historical and cultural protection. Welcome friends from afar to visit Lake Wetland Park.


Micro son tomb micro son name Qi, is Yin Emperor B, Yin King Zhou's mother brother, Confucius and Song Xianggong ancestor. King Zhou Cheng was sealed in the Song Dynasty and was buried on this island after his death. Weizi Tomb is a provincial key cultural relic protection unit, descendants are "Yin" as the surname, known as Yin ancestor. In addition to ancient buildings and antique buildings, there are many precious inscriptions, as well as the tombstone "Yin Weizi tomb" left by the Japanese invasion of China, with the words "Toyota troops" and so on.


Zhang Liang was a statesman and military strategist in the early Western Han Dynasty. According to legend, after the failure of sniping Qin Shihuang, Han learned the art of war from the Duke, and soon after the army belonged to Liu Bang, who was an important adviser to Liu Bang's founding. After success and fame, he was granted a stay, and the fiefdom was this lake. When Liu Bang was given the title of marquis, Zhang Liang requested to be sealed in Liu Cheng on the grounds that he had met Liu Bang there for the first time. This argument accords with the Tang Dynasty documents and is close to historical facts, which is the most convincing. The tomb of Zhang Liang on the island, the tomb shape is below the upper circle, red and yellow clay plus pebbles, the level of rammed earth is clear, 15 meters high, 100 meters long and 100 meters wide. In front of the tomb is a stone monument erected in the second year of Qing Qianlong (1737), titled "Tomb of Han Liuhou Zhang Liang", 1.7 meters high, 0.9 meters wide, 0.16 meters thick. On the east side of the tomb was the original Zhangliang Temple, which was demolished during the "Cultural Revolution".


Muyi tomb, the word Ziyu, is the 17th grandson of Wei Zi, or the elder brother of Duke Xiang of Song. He was a famous statesman and strategist in the Spring and Autumn Period. After Duke Xiang of Song ascended the throne, Muyi was the prime minister. Song and Chu in the Hongshui War there is a famous "son fish debate", later because of respect for ancestors Wei Zi, also buried in the island after death. Muyi tomb is 2.5 kilometers away from the micro tomb, located in the micro peak, the status quo is a mound of round earth, the stone tablet in front of the tomb is the Song God King Xining five years governor Fu Yaoyu, positive engraved seal: "Song Xian Muyi Jun tomb". Muyi Tomb is the city's key cultural relics protection unit.


Weizi Cultural Garden is located on the island and was established in memory of Weizi. Covering an area of about 400 mu, there are mainly Sanren Hall, Yuan Jun Hall, Hall, Muyi Jun tomb and Chongde Pavilion and other landscapes, mainly displaying the Yin and Shang culture nearly three thousand years ago. After entering the main entrance, the left and right sides are the Wonjun Hall and the Hall, and the Samin Hall is directly in front. The Sanren Hall is dedicated to Weizi, Bigan and Smunzi, and the walls are decorated with the stories of the three. There is an introduction on the tomb of Muyi Jun, and I will not repeat it here. Chongde Pavilion has a total of nine floors, each floor is nine meters, a total height of 81 meters, is the highest in China's pavilion building, but also "Asia's first high pavilion", is the landmark building of the island, on which you can enjoy the "next day lotus leaves infinite blue, lotus flowers different red" scenery.


Railway guerrilla Memorial Park Lake has a glorious revolutionary struggle history, in the history of our country's anti-Japanese struggle has a heavy brush. Because the lake area is the intersection of the four provinces of Sulu, Henan and Anhui, and also the combination of the two major strategies of the west of the Lake, and the east is close to Jinpu, the south is a strategic area that the military will fight for. After the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War, two guerrilla base areas were established successively in the two northern regions, and anti-Japanese armed forces such as Lunan Railway, Tengpei, and Weihu were established. He once escorted a large number of Party, government and military comrades to the lake. The emergence of Liu Hong, Fang Lin sister such a song and cry, for the victory of China's War of Resistance against Japanese aggression set up immortal achievements in 1994, the people of the county to commemorate the revolutionary martyrs to raise funds to build the lake anti-Japanese heroes Memorial Park and railway guerrilla monument and railway guerrilla memorial museum, the internal possession of the revolutionary heroes used weapons and other tools.

Matters needing attention

It is best to go in summer when lotus flowers are in full bloom