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What method treats chicken skin best?

2018-04-14 14:24:48

Everyone wants to have white and delicate skin, but chicken skin will bring great damage to the skin, serious will also make people lose confidence, chicken skin with what method to remove it? The following are some of the methods I summarized, I hope you can be helpful. The longer the chicken skin time the thicker the skin cuticle will become, resulting in the hair follicle mouth is blocked by too thick cuticle, hair in the skin under the cuticle can not grow out, it will form the symptoms of small black spots, so the earlier the treatment of chicken skin the better, the early symptoms are mild, good and fast. Usually, we should insist on applying oily and moisturizing body lotion to the skin, and massage the skin more while applying the lotion. Pay attention to prevent scratching the skin, the skin is scratched and broken will cause inflammation and pigmentation, so do not scratch, scratch, take a bath should also pay attention not to rub the skin hard. It is necessary to eat more vegetables and fruits, to avoid eating some spicy food, avoid drinking alcohol, to prevent irritation symptoms become more and more serious. Topical cuticle softeners or cuticle dissolvers can reduce symptoms and make the surface of the skin smoother. Use products with non-irritating Chinese herbal ingredients (such as Sou Mi) to prevent symptoms from becoming worse. Like carrot, cabbage, rape, spinach, water spinach, fennel, coriander, leek, purse purse and tea and red and yellow fruits such as apricot, persimmon and other vegetables and fruits, will have a certain help to chicken skin, we can eat more, help chicken skin recovery oh.