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What is Yu 'e Bao? How to use Full Treasure

2018-04-13 06:24:36

Yu 'e Bao is the next online payment platform, with the help of Yu 'e Bao, we can realize online transaction payment, transfer and deposit benefits and other activities. The recent appearance of Yu 'e Bao has caused quite a stir. Today, Xiaobian will unveil the mysterious veil of Yu 'e Bao and share with you the concept and use of Yu 'e Bao.

What is Yu 'e Bao?

Yu 'e Bao is a value-added balance service created by a third-party payment platform. Through Yu 'e Bao, users can not only get a high return, but also consume and transfer money at any time. Users can directly purchase financial products such as funds on the website and obtain a relatively high return. Meanwhile, funds in Yu 'e Bao can also be used at any time for payment functions such as online shopping and transfer. The funds transferred to Yu 'e Bao will be confirmed by the fund on the second working day, and the confirmed shares will start to calculate the income. The advantage of Yu 'ebao is that the funds transferred to Yu 'eBao can not only obtain a higher return, but also can be consumed and paid at any time, which is flexible and convenient.


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How to use Yu 'e Bao

First go to the "" official home page, go to" My ", and then click the "Go" button.


At this time, if you have not entered the real-name authentication, the window "Sorry, you cannot use Yu 'e Bao service" will pop up. At this time, we need to carry out real-name authentication. For specific authentication methods, see the later part of this experience.


When you use Yu 'e Bao for the first time, the "Confirm User Information" page will pop up. After checking the information, click the "Confirm information" button.


Then enter "transfer amount" and click "Next".


Then enter the relevant payment information to complete the transfer to Yu 'e Bao operation. After the transfer is successful, the prompt page "Transfer to Yu 'e Bao successfully" will pop up. At this time, click the "View Yu 'ebao" link to view the relevant information of Yu 'ebao.


At the same time, in the "Yu 'e Bao" management interface, we can also view the "cumulative income" and achieve "transfer" to and other operations.


Of course, we can also use Yu 'e Bao instead of online shopping and other trading activities.

Real-name authentication

Go to the "My" page, click the "real name authentication" link.


Then click the "Apply Now" button.


Then you need to check the relevant information and click the "OK" button.


Finally, the "through the real name authentication" screen is displayed. It indicates that the real-name authentication has been passed.