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What functions can 3g car video terminals achieve?

2018-04-14 04:48:43

Vehicle positioning query function Customer service can understand the real-time location of all vehicles at any time according to user needs, and can accurately display the state of the vehicle at that time (such as speed, running direction and other information) on the electronic map. The electronic map of the system adopts vector mode to query the vehicles in any designated area, and can display the information in layers according to needs; Can be arbitrarily enlarged, shrunk, moved; It can monitor the display of multiple Windows on the same screen, or lock the target in a window, automatic tracking and so on. Alarm function Customer service receives the alarm signal from the vehicle terminal (such as active emergency alarm, power failure alarm, undervoltage alarm, speeding alarm, etc.), the system will automatically classify and process, and accompanied by sound and light prompts the command personnel, the alarm vehicle displays the alarm status and alarm location in a conspicuous way on the map, and raises the monitoring level of the alarm target according to needs. At the same time, automatic track recording, automatic recording. Command personnel can use short messages or voice to command dispatch and police processing according to the alarm situation and police distribution. Once the remote oil cut-off function is found to be illegal use of the vehicle or an accident, the oil circuit can be cut off through the monitoring command, and the vehicle cannot be used once it stops. One of the outstanding features of the function is to protect the life and property of the driver to the greatest extent. When the vehicle is stolen and robbed, the driver can avoid a confrontation with the robbers, as long as the alarm switch is quietly pressed, or after getting out of the car to the customer service alarm, a few seconds can receive the alarm signal, the management system according to the vehicle archives, display the alarm vehicle of various data (such as number, model, license plate, color, driver's name, age, gender, etc.); At the same time, the electronic map can immediately display the location, speed, running direction and other information of the alarm vehicle, so that the vehicle has no place to hide. When the vehicle is legally used, the user can use the full hands-free device to answer or make local or long-distance calls, and the speaker in the car can automatically change during the call. At present, many cities have banned the use of hand-held cars for safety reasons, and hands-free can provide owners with safe, clear and timely communication with the outside world. Hot line service function This system with hot line service function, combined with the system's database management and query printing function and GIS (geographic information system) powerful spatial information and attribute information, in an intuitive way to display the location and status of the vehicle; And can be classified to display hotels, wine, merchants, agencies, gas stations and other information. Customer service can provide drivers and passengers with a series of convenient services, such as navigation, ticketing, hotel wine reservation (reservation), emergency car repair, refueling, etc. Public rescue service When there is a traffic accident, vehicle failure or other accidents, the driver can press the "hotline" button on the screen to seek help from the customer service, after receiving the help signal, the real-time scheduling function of the system can notify the special service provider (such as car repair, 120, gas station, etc.) in time to rescue (such as trailer, medical emergency, refueling, etc.). Real-time scheduling function After the installation of this system, the distribution position and real-time operation of all vehicles in the network, customer service can be authorized to control. Customer service can take effective measures to use short messages or voice to rationally schedule vehicles. The management function of this system can also provide a powerful means for the vehicle management department to strengthen the industry management. Black box recording function This function is similar to the black box on an airplane, which can automatically record the driving time, driving route and parking place of the vehicle. According to the operation of each vehicle, the operation line of each vehicle and the parking and opening point, the parking and opening time of each parking point can be set up. When the vehicle does not run according to the specified line, does not park according to the parking point or exceeds the specified time, the system will automatically send an alarm signal to the customer service, and display the location and alarm status of the target vehicle. It can provide strong evidence for handling passenger complaints, and can also provide a reasonable basis for industry management departments to charge various management fees. For vehicles running according to a certain route (area), the management department can set the operating limit (or line) of the vehicle, when the vehicle exceeds the limit (or line), the on-board equipment will automatically issue the vehicle crossing the line (or line) alarm to the customer service, and will automatically track the vehicle in real time. The monitoring personnel can send a short message (send instructions) or notify the driver in the form of voice to the relevant monitoring station to register or drive back to the correct operating road. The segmented speed limit function can set a speed limit for a variety of different vehicles in different sections of the road. When the driver's driving speed exceeds this limit value, the on-board system will automatically alert the customer service, and the customer service can remind the driver to slow down through the scheduling system. This function can change the passive management of the department (such as the traffic department) into the active management, so that the driver is more self-disciplined, reducing the occurrence of accidents. Non-working time start alarm function monitoring can set the equipment working period according to the situation, when the device starts in non-working time, the terminal sends an alarm signal to the control. The track recording and playback function system can automatically record the running track of the monitored and scheduled vehicle, and can be repeated to provide reliable evidence for case analysis or dispute settlement. Network query function In the case of total customer service authorization, the system's classification and classification can be anytime and anywhere through the Internet to query the real-time running track of the vehicle, or call up the vehicle details, such as: department, license plate, driver and driver's way and other information. Electronic station announcement, electronic display function dynamically displays the process of bus vehicles, the release of this line vehicle service information, train number, station name, vehicle arrival time report, vehicle operation, while in the information release bar can also be released with the site related attractions and service network information, with better advertising effect. Image transmission function When there is a stolen car alarm, it will automatically start the alarm function of the alarm. When the alarm signal is received, the capture function is quickly activated, the captured image is stored on the machine, and at the same time through wireless transmission to customer service. When the police situation is lifted, you can also use a handheld device (PDA, notebook, etc.) through the USB interface to take out more images stored on the machine for further technical analysis. When the alarm trigger signal is received, the alarm can be reported to the customer service in a timely manner through GSM voice, short message, CDMA data channel and other three ways to ensure the timely report of the alarm, and take corresponding measures according to the specific situation. When the GPS module is selected, the location of the vehicle can be reported at any time or as needed according to the corresponding situation. When the recording microphone is selected, the recording function can also be started according to the need to record the voice in the car, store or transmit it for further technical analysis. When customer service needs to dispatch vehicles at normal times, it can dispatch vehicles in a timely and fast manner through CDMA. When customer service needs to check the vehicle during normal hours, it can quickly check the vehicle via CDMA. When the customer service needs to query the situation inside the specified vehicle at the normal time, the image acquisition function can collect the image through CDMA to query the internal situation of the vehicle in a timely and fast manner.