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What does Teddy eat to enhance color (Photo group)

2018-03-29 14:24:46

Introduction: Teddy dogs have always been favored by the majority of dog lovers because of their cute and good hair color, but when the beloved dog's hair color turns pale, what should we do? Teddy coat color is directly proportional to the balance of nutrition. The average parent thinks that the dog food already has sufficient nutrition, and there is no need to buy pet nutrition products to increase the nutrition of the dog. This is a misunderstanding, the light color of the teddy dog hair is caused by unbalanced nutrition, and the nutrition contained in the dog food can meet the daily needs of the growth of the teddy dog, but may not be able to meet the pigment nutrition required by the teddy dog hair. Dogs like Teddy grow up to about one year old, the color will gradually fade, from dark to light, which is a normal natural phenomenon, if the reason, in addition to genetic instability, the most important reason is nutritional problems. The following recipes about Teddy hair, you can refer to: 1, to feed teddy cooked egg yolk egg yolk, can play a certain effect, but pay attention to the amount of feeding. Because the egg yolk, mainly in the yolk contains lutein and astaxanthin nutritional pigment components. Lutein and astaxanthin, as a natural pigment, in addition to having antioxidant effects as we know, can also be effectively deposited into the hair pigment of teddy dogs to achieve the role of hair care. Of course, because the yolk contains very little astaxanthin, the effect of beauty, to achieve the ideal effect needs a long-term process. 2, according to the condition of the dog to feed some MAG natural astaxanthin When it comes to astaxanthin, perhaps many friends know. It is a carotenoid purified from natural rhodococcus pluvialis with the special addition of lecithin and natural vegetable oil. It can protect Teddy's skin health, achieve beauty hair color, protect skin health, and promote hair growth. Recommended feeding amount: 2-3 times a day for puppies below 2 kg, feed 1-2 pieces per meal for small dogs of 3-10kg, feed 2-3 pieces per meal; 11-25kg medium-sized dogs can be fed 3-4 pieces per meal 26-40kg large dogs 4-5 pieces per meal is enough. At the same time, in the food prepared for the teddy dog, try to prepare some food containing lecithin, vegetable oil, kelp, flaxseed, whey and so on, which can play a good hair effect.