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What can eat to prevent radiation

2018-04-23 01:36:21

Computer radiation is the biggest natural enemy for the computer family, all kinds of isolation cream, prickly pear, bb cream, etc., can be used almost all. But computer radiation still exists, computer radiation prevention for these people is a necessary homework, not only in external use, the most important in our usual diet must also eat more radiation protection food, which food has the effect of radiation prevention? Next, the editor will give you a few tips:


Green vegetables: Some natural foods are the "cleaning agent" in our body, especially some fresh green leafy vegetables, which have a more obvious function of detoxifying the body. The reason is that these vegetables contain alkaline ingredients, which can make the blood alkaline, dissolve the toxins deposited in the cells, and allow these toxins to be excreted in the urine.


Kelp: It can be said that kelp is the "Nemesis" of all radioactive substances, because kelp contains a substance called kelp gum, which can be combined with radioactive substances after entering the human body so that it can be quickly discharged from the intestine.


Pig blood: Our daily breathing will bring a lot of dust, harmful metal particles and other substances from the air, at this time you should eat some pig blood to achieve detoxification. It contains rich plasma proteins, which enter the human body after digestive enzymes decompose, and these harmful substances become new substances that are difficult to dissolve, and then excreted through the intestine.


Mung beans: People have always had a good evaluation of mung beans in the folk, and also gave the laudatory name of "antidote hundred poisons". And after modern medical research has also proved that mung beans can indeed help the human body to excrete toxins in the body, thus promoting the role of human metabolism.


Black fungus: The reason why black fungus has the effect of detoxification, the key is that it contains cellulose substances with toxins, which can make harmful fibers in the body difficult to establish a foothold in the body.