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What are the tourist attractions worth going to

2018-03-31 09:36:48

Is one of the eight historic ancient capitals, five counties and four districts, there are many scenic spots, the west is close to Taihang Mountain, a number of rivers in the territory, the so-called beautiful mountains and rivers, clear water and blue sky, what is worth going to? Let me introduce you.


Driving directions are described below. Take your camera with you when you go out.


Triangle Lake Park Triangle Lake Park is located in the city, west of Zhangde Road, south to Wenming Avenue, east South Street, covering an area of 107 acres, lake area of 26 acres. Triangle Lake Park quite garden characteristics, there are mountains and water, there are ancient platforms. Standing on the upper floor of Changde, the panoramic view of the city is obvious. There are buses for city Tours. Convenient transportation. The train station. Passenger station West, Station East.


The writing museum is a special museum that integrates the functions of cultural relics protection, display and scientific research


Free admission. You can see the development of Chinese culture. In particular, I have a deeper understanding of Oracle's culture.


The Writing Museum is next to East Station.


Recommended Linzhou: canal, Taihang Grand Canyon, peach Blossom Valley, Wang Xiangyan, Youth Cave


Linzhou's economy developed rapidly. It is close to Taihang Mountain. There is a world-famous artificial canal, Taihang Grand Canyon.


The so-called beautiful mountains and rivers, the scenery of the four seasons charming.


The suburb is adjacent to National Highway 107. Go west to Anlin Highway to Linzhou. Shunqu Avenue goes straight to the scenic area and extends to Taihang Mountain. Look at the signs. It's about 40 kilometers.

Matters needing attention

The weather turns cool. Pay attention to the cold.


Leading to the scenic scenic road, winding, especially glider land, driving to slow.


The Word Museum, the Park, and the Institute of Engineering are free.


Linzhou Canal scenic spot ticket is 60, peach blossom Valley, Wang Xiangyan seems to be more than 100. Refer to canal tourism website for details.


Take your ID card with you when you go out. Snacks.