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What are the stages of an investment career?

2018-06-10 09:36:00

The investment career is divided into several stages: (corresponding to some of the characters in Jin Yong's books) 1, nothing - such as the small two in the inn for those who have just learned how to open an account, how to buy and sell, I generally regard them as small white. Obviously, they are the most vulnerable to fish groups, if the main force wants to lure more, most of them will follow the trend to chase high, quilt. The main force wants to lure empty, can not withstand the shock, most cut meat surrender. 2, will be a horse step, will move but no internal force of that kind - just into the Huashan school of Lin Ping's good, the small two did for a period of time, also began to feel that they have to find their own way out, so began to desperately look for secrets in the market (reference). Or to the book or on the Internet, bought a lot of reference books and began to learn to imitate. The reality is such a secret book as nine Yin true Sutra, can not be bought on the market, can access to such as Changquan, Hong Quan these low-grade kung fu. At this stage, the internal force is not yet, the meridians are not open, and the palm method played out is only similar in shape but without palm wind. Abuse is not enough, follow the lead of big brother abuse small two can (when the market is good, follow the trend to make a little money) investors at this stage if they have self-knowledge has been hiding in the cave and training (reduce the number of transactions, more books to learn), soon across this transition period. If you are aggressive and go around looking for people to compete (frequent trading), you can't be sure that one day you encounter a few Quanzhen Taoist leaders, export wild words, and make them angry, you will use a move to smooth the sand and fall wild geese, followed by another move of river day snow, whoosh whoosh, and your right arm will be cut off, which may also happen (Black Swan event, It said that the one that just bought for a short time suddenly came serious bearish news, followed by the opening of the next day or unlimited limit, until after the limit opened, the funds have been lost more than half). Some people bite their teeth, think about farming (never step into the stock market), the hero dream is left to others. 3, rivers and lakes on a small name, non-mainstream. - Seven strange, Peng Lianhu, Sha Tong group of people in fact, the ceiling of many of our investors is here. Originally hiding in the cave has been hard practice, after a round of bull bear market, the internal force began to be a little, for the genre also have some understanding (fundamental analysis, technical analysis, policy control, quantitative trading mode), with their own set of trading system, although they can not make long-term profits, but encounter their own familiar price form, industry direction, high probability can earn him a fortune. Do not seek great wealth, but seek food and clothing well-off. This level of investors, kung fu can not be said to be more exquisite, but they have their own routines, like seven strange them, not into the flow, but at least can make it on the river. And this kind of people have a characteristic: all aspects have learned a little, learn a lot and miscellaneous, but not fine. Some people even opened their own martial arts schools, recruiting students to misguide their children. 4, decent family, when it comes to kung fu and the second level is not equal - Quanzhen seven I here decent family, corresponding to those who disdain technical analysis, advocating fundamental value investment. The Quanjin religion is Genmun. Quanzhen seven sons is like the school, disdain the so-called technical analysis, all the technical analysis is a sideline, Buffett is regarded as the master Wang Chongyang. 5, the five masters (East evil, West Poison, South Emperor, North beggars, ZhongShentong) they are the top masters of today's martial arts. Looking back at the Chinese stock market for more than 20 years, some people have indeed speculated from tens of thousands or even thousands of pieces at the beginning to hundreds of millions or even tens of billions. Some of them made their fortunes by buying subscription warrants, and then acquired a large number of legal shares to earn ten thousand yuan. There are also those who profit specifically from ST restructuring. Some learn from each of them, create a set of martial arts (establish a perfect trading system), when the market is bad, once the time comes, a catch is a big bull stock, do not double several times the income does not let go. As their name suggests, there are different genres (with different profit models). Falling dragon 18 palm ready to go, sonorous and powerful, falling Yingshen sword palm also attack also defend, continuous Li. I think this is also very difficult to achieve the level, wild road son, seven strange skills is the ceiling of most people. It's hard to break through the level of Quanzhen seven children. It is not that our investors are not hard working and diligent, and sometimes they need a few opportunities to move to the next level. 6, sweeping God monk who has seen the eight parts of the Sky dragon all know that in addition to the Dharma patriarch, only the old monk who cleaned in the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion is proficient in Shaolin 72 stunts. At that point, investing is not just about stocks. This is also the highest level of investors in my opinion, he should be like Soros, hundreds of billions of funds crisscross the foreign exchange, stock markets, futures markets, the average annual interest rate can reach more than 30%, not only that, but also to donate to countries around the world, do charity, save people. These stages are roughly covered, and everyone takes a seat to see where they can rank. I have always believed that interest is the best teacher, and I can learn from every mistake. Even if there is no advice from a superior person, over time and over time, my skills will be greatly improved, and my assets will be increased several times or even more. You know, being told what to do is always a good thing.