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What are the special holiday events and tourist attractions in San Diego

2018-02-19 22:24:00

San Diego is a famous city, with charming natural scenery, there are thousands of tourists to travel here every year, in addition to tourism, it is also a famous naval base in the United States, many troops are stationed here. Visitors can even see many warships and aircraft carriers docked here. Visitors can even take a camera to take pictures, and no one will come, which is hard to imagine in other places.


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Santiago de Cuba is the cradle of Cuban culture, reflecting the folk music, dance, poetry and other arts and literature that have marked many ethnic and Caribbean peoples for centuries. China is famous for its suona and cooking. Every summer, the people of San Diego are immersed in a whole week of joy during the Caribbean festival of Fire. From the summit of the Sierra Maestra, on a clear summer night, one can see not only the splendor of the city, but also the lights of Jamaica in the distance.


The Vinia del Mar International Music Festival is held every year in Santiago, Chile. It is the most famous popular song art festival in South America and an annual music event in Latin America. So far, it has been successfully held for nearly half a century, and the Chilean national television channel 13 has broadcast the music festival live to dozens of countries around the world at the same time, which has a huge impact in Latin speaking countries. Famous singers such as Julio of Spain, Ricky Martin of the United States, and Rodo of Venezuela all became famous in Latin America after singing here.


Skiing When it's summer in the Northern Hemisphere, Chile is a skier's paradise. Because Santiago is located at the foot of the Andes, it only takes an hour or two to enjoy snow sports. The ski slope design of the ski resort can meet the needs of people at any skiing level, and the related supporting facilities are also perfect. Just waiting for you to enjoy the silver world


Corralling is a folk sport in Chile, widely popular among farmers and herdsmen. Cattle herding began in colonial times. Because of the country's advanced animal husbandry, there were no boundaries at that time, cattle ran everywhere, and herdsmen had to mark the cattle and distribute the cattle to different owners, which resulted in cattle herding activities.


National Day September is the month of Chile's National Day. On September 18, a large tent will be set up in the square and filled with all kinds of local Chilean food, and you can eat anything. The most traditional food tacos, as well as patties, steak rice, hot dogs seasoned with tomato and onion, steamed steak noodles. Of course, there must be local wine, cheap and good. And during the National Day, Chile's traditional folk song and dance "Cueca" and Cumbia Latin dance will also be performed, people wear traditional costumes, singing and dancing to celebrate their National Day.


July 16 is the most famous Santa Carmen festival in Chile, also known as La Tirana Festival. Worshippers, dancers and tourists flock to the town of Tirana from far and wide to celebrate mass, dance, parade, party and spend sleepless nights. The celebration is held in the church and in the square in front of the church, where the statue of the Virgin Carmen is dedicated. Important events during the festival include Mass, parades and dancing. The dances were varied and the music was deafening. The dancers' costumes are very gorgeous, some wear ghost masks and dance ghost dances, and the girls wear pongee skirts and walk gracefully through the team. Some devout worshippers kneel all the way to the church from the moment they enter the town.


1, the world's largest Marine theme park - Sea World, located in the beautiful MissionBay (MissionBay), Sea World has four major Marine animal shows and dozens of exhibition projects, each with its own characteristics, teaching and sightseeing, a collection of knowledge and entertainment. 2, San Diego Zoo - is also one of the most famous in the United States, 5,500 birds and animals, 4,000 acres of tropical crops. The panda, the national treasure of our country, has become the number one sign of the zoo. 3, San Diego Zoo Safari Park - The suburban San Diego Zoo Safari Park covers an area of 1,800 acres, is a wild jungle style open zoo, with more than 2,400 animals, many of them Asian and African wildlife.