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What are the must-see attractions in Langshan?

2018-02-22 12:48:00

Danxia landform is a landform name first proposed by Chinese scholars and applied internationally. There are many Danxia landforms in China, the most famous of which are Mount Wuyi and Dan. In the 10th issue of Beauty Pageant China in 2005, "China National Geographic" introduced Langshan - Bajiaozhai, Longhu Mountain and other little-known but beautiful Danxia landforms. Langshan has not only the beauty of mountains and rivers, but also the magic. At the same time, it is also an original "virgin land", due to the underdeveloped local industry, the possibility of pollution is greatly reduced. This is the Langshan Mountain located at the foot of Maoer Mountain, the first of the five mountains in South China, along the Xiang-Guangxi corridor.

Introduction to Langshan

Langshan Tourist Scenic Area is located more than 10 kilometers south of the city and county, is the junction, with a total area of about 108 square kilometers and more than 60 scenic spots have been developed. Langshan is a typical Danxia peak forest landform, a scenic treasure land famous for its beautiful water, beautiful mountains and strange caves. Langshan scenery, this pearl in the boudoir, is being known by more and more people. Langshan has been assessed as a national geopark. It stands with the well-known back mountain, but because the development flavor is less, the natural flavor is stronger, which will cost less for self-help tourists. END

Langshan three major scenic spots

"The first lane in the world" is located in the depths of Niubi Village, a hundred Zhangs cliff, a split line, more than 230 meters long, only 0.8 meters wide. Rare in the world. Nearby there are ring stone lane, fairy lane and so on. The leisure pool is surrounded by mountains and canyons, about 2 acres wide, the water in the pool is clear like a mirror, and the pool is born one, still like fishing.


The "General stone" is similar to the "General stone" of the skyscraper, which can be seen from several kilometers away. Looking up by boat, I saw that he stood on the ground, carrying the sky, holding his head high, wearing a strong, the outline and shape of the stone column resembles the United States beard Guan Yunchang.


Octagonal Village: The steepest corner of the Octagonal Village, the peak tip looks like a tilted bull horn, which is the famous "dragon horn incense". In addition, to the southwest of the Octagonal village, is known as the victory of the valley group, the winding mountain gorge, row upon row, the size of more than 100 canyons, rising from the ground of strange peaks and stones, magnificent, magnificent. Lower Mid-Mountain scenic spot. There are 5 scenic spots such as Xianren Bridge in this area.

Travel tips

Opening hours: 8:00-17:00


Ticket price: Tianyi Lane scenic spot (Niubi Village scenic spot) : 50 yuan Chili Peak scenic spot (original Camel Peak scenic spot) : 36 yuan Bajiao Village scenic spot: 30 yuan Zixia Dong: 30 yuan Fuyi River rafting: 260 yuan per raft (can take 4 people)


Geographical location: provinces, cities and counties.


The best time: belongs to the subtropical monsoon humid climate area, sufficient light, abundant water and rain, four distinct seasons, mild climate, less hot summer, less cold winter, annual average temperature 16.1℃-17.1℃, the best travel time in spring and autumn.


Traffic guide: City by car to the county, and then transfer to the local vehicle.