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What are the luxury watch brands

2018-03-07 08:00:00

Luxury watches, not only noble but also the connotation of the table, people wear it looks very tasteful, we can not afford to buy or have money to buy, a simple understanding of the main brands of luxury watches are also good oh, the following to share with you, Xiaobian know some brands of luxury watches.


1, luxury watch brand: Patek Philippe Patek Philippe is a famous Swiss watch brand, its price is also very expensive, from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of yuan.


2, luxury watch brand: Jaeger-Lecoultre watches are also produced in Switzerland, its production technology is sophisticated, has a long history, but also get people's favor, genuine Jaeger-Lecoultre watches minimum more than 30,000 yuan, the ceiling price can reach millions.


3, luxury watch brand: Breguet watches since 1775, is a Swiss brand, the birthplace is Paris, France, Breguet watches due to the early appearance, is also considered the originator of the type of luxury watches, and now the new Breguet watches conservative price of more than two hundred thousand.


4, luxury watch brand: Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin is one of the famous brands in Switzerland, second only to Patek Philippe, is the world's second luxury watch, the first is Patek Philippe, the price is naturally high, no money can only look


5, luxury watch brand: Cartier Cartier is a famous brand in France, Cartier not only has luxury watches, but also luxury jewelry, in France is favored, Cartier watches minimum starting price of tens of thousands of oh.


6, luxury watch brand: Audemars watches belong to Switzerland, Audemars LOGO is AP, but also easy to identify, the general price in hundreds of thousands of yuan.


7, luxury watch brand: PIAGETPIAGET Piaget watch is one of the pride of Switzerland, the table as its name, noble luxury and reserved, stylish and exquisite style, looks very classy, the cheapest is tens of thousands, the most expensive can reach tens of millions.


8, luxury watch brand: IWC IWC watch founder is an American, but IWC still belongs to the Swiss brand, IWC unique design concept, joined the enthusiasm of the Americans, soon became one of the people like luxury watches, 60,000 yuan can buy a very ordinary IWC.


9, luxury watch brand: Rolex Rolex Rolex is a well-known watch, is also a famous brand in Switzerland, the founder is not Swiss, but they are opened in Switzerland, such as Rolex Rolex luxury watches not only wear good, as a collection is also very valuable, the minimum tens of thousands of dollars can buy genuine goods.


10, luxury watch brand: the country is Switzerland, is also one of the very old watches, in 1791, the birth of Giralda, until now Giralda in Switzerland so many watches, can rank in the forefront of the world, is a well-deserved good table, the common price is tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.


11, luxury watch brand: Tissot Tissot watch is Swiss, Tissot is not the top watch in Switzerland, but it can also be called luxury watches, its distribution overseas reputation has been good, the price is more affordable, cheap relative to the top, the price of thousands of dollars can buy ordinary models.


12, luxury watch brands: Longines Longines originated in Switzerland, Longines Longines in China is no less famous than Rolex, but also the love of many stars, many stars on the red carpet with Longines watches, thousands of pieces can be bought, many tens of thousands of better.


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