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What are the interesting places in Kangding tourist area?

2018-02-22 09:36:00

What are the interesting places in Kangding tourist area? Let me take a look


Bridge Suspension bridge built by Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty Recommended: Bridge Revolutionary cultural relics Museum, Flyaway Bridge Monument bridge is composed of three parts: bridge body, abutment and bridge pavilion. The Bridge tour also includes the Bridge Museum of Revolutionary Artifacts and the Bridge of Flight Monument. In the museum, photos and objects are displayed on the Red Army's forced crossing of the Dadu River and the Flyaway Bridge. There are also calligraphy and paintings of famous calligraphers and painters in the museum.


Moxi Ancient Town is a prosperous and important town on the Sichuan-Tibet passage with a long history. Most of the buildings in the town are from the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China. These houses are a house, divided into two layers, the upper layer of food debris, the lower layer of people. The town also has a Gothic church built by French missionaries, which attracts many tourists. The Catholic Church of Bossi, built in 1922, is a French Catholic church. The combination of eastern and western construction styles, you can see the traces of the combination of Chinese pavilion and Gothic doors and Windows.


The Hailuogou Scenic Spot consists of six scenic spots: Hailuogou, Yanzi Gully, Mozi Gully, Nanmenguan Gully, Yajiageng and Moxi Platform. It is the tourist destination of Shangri-La Eco-Tourism Area in Sichuan, Yunnan and Tibet provinces, and the leading scenic spot in the hometown of Kangding Love Song. The scenic spot has the world's only the most magnificent mountain glacier at the same latitude, the world's most majestic ice waterfall, the most complete ecological vegetation landscape, the largest natural oxygen bar, the largest red stone park, the most magical snow area, the most unique Kangba style. Glacier is the biggest highlight of Hailuogou scenic area, the most famous is Hailuogou Glacier No. 1, known as the "Green Sea Glacier".


Run because of a song "Kangding Love Song" famous for the world to play recommended: Guanyin Pavilion, Buddha bath, running horse ping south of Kangding City, the local people called "fairy mountain" snow mountain, is to run, is the "Kangding love Song" famous "running horse mountain yo". There are five color sea, Guanyin Pavilion, Buddha bath pool, horse Ping and other scenic spots on the mountain.


Nanwusi Kang District one of the famous temples to visit: Tibetan painting, mountain will activities Nanwusi Temple is located in the south of Kangding city, is a famous Gelug temple. It is adjacent to the King Kong Temple - and is known as the "double temple Cloud forest". The temple covers an area of 2,524 square meters and is a quadrangle of wood and stone structure. The structure of the hall is three floors - one bottom, about 20 meters high, and there are traditional Tibetan paintings in the hall. Every year on April 8, the temple held a mountain transfer activities, very lively. The temple has a large number of believers, and a large number of foreign friends come to visit the Buddha every year.


Anjue Temple Tibetan courtyard building Play recommendation: Main hall, Maitreya side hall, Dharma protection Hall Anjue Temple is a wooden structure of the courtyard Tibetan building. The top of the temple is special, decorated with gilt, so the treasure is full of light, also called gold tile hall. The main hall is large in scale, with a clay statue of Tsongkhapa lecturing and sitting about 15 meters high; The Maitreya Side Hall is dedicated to the two-meter-high gilt-bronze Maitreya Buddha statue; The Dharma guards and the Bodhisattvas in the Dharma guards hall are also mighty. There are two pairs of stone lions in front of the hall, one of which was carved by the stonemason who built the Princess Bridge in the Tongzhi decade of the Qing Dynasty.