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Waterproof film how to deal with spring swimming pool leakage?

2018-04-09 08:00:34

Spring swimming pool began to gradually test camp, for the emergence of various problems have been repaired, swimming pool water leakage is the most troublesome thing, the first waterproof film has a good swimming pool water treatment method.


Mops, brooms, professional Mosaic tile processing tools, welding torch.


The old tile pool is leaking, the first pool film is recommended to knock off the tile, deal with the flat ground, keep the pool bottom pool wall clean and clean without gravel dry and damp, after paving the pool waterproof film, hot melt welding, waterproof film construction period is short, do not delay business hours for a long time, the standard pool construction period is two days, after 24 hours of dry glue waterproof acceptance.


Old tiles fall off is not serious, the surface of the treatment can be directly paved waterproof film, in order to waterproof film life it is recommended to knock off all the old tiles and then pave.


Waterproof film construction is hot melt welding, the bottom of the pool wall is full of scraping plastic paving PVC waterproof film roll, reserve five centimeters of the edge, the edge of the hot melt welding, the process is rigorous and dense no water leakage.


In view of the problem of water leakage in the natatorium using waterproof film, drain the water in the natatorium. After the waterproof film of the swimming pool is dry, check the welding place of the waterproof film and re-weld the cracked part.


If the pool film is damaged and leaking, a new waterproof film can be welded on the damaged pool waterproof film, and after 24 hours of drying, the water is discharged for acceptance.