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"Warhammer 40K: Star Warrior" plot flow graphic guide eighth chapter

2018-05-13 16:00:36

Chinese name: Star Warrior Game Name: Space Marines Production: Relic English publication: THQ Game Platform: XBOX360,PS3,PC Game Type: TPS (Third Person Shooter) Release Date: 2011.09.06 Game Engine: Essence Engine 2.0

Game introduction

Warhammer 40K: Star Warrior takes place on a human empire planet under attack by orcs. The planet is an important industrial planet for the Empire, which means there are a lot of big, scary and important weapons at your disposal. The orcs' looting and destruction of this planet is clearly not acceptable to the basin. END


This page is taken from experience without authorization


There are supplies on the way, go and take it, and then go to a place with a pit to jump down, teammates will not follow this time, and then trigger the plot, two bosses will be on the second floor above the vitality support, pay attention to avoid, at this time a lot of monsters also siege you, change it to clean them up, in the process of cleaning attention to the button next to it, turn green to open him, At this time, there will be a robot-like thing coming from above, the boss will knock him off, ignore it, continue to fight, and then press e in front of the blue glowing object in the middle, triggering the plot, and when we wake up, we are already in the ruins, this time is a person to fight.


The ruins have been, into the road, not particularly complex go all the way, clean up the little monster, see a green door open, continue, after entering, there will be a lot of monsters to besiege you take out your sniper gun first kill the second floor of the machine-gunner and artillery, and then clean up the ground of the little monster, until the front to see two roads, into the right road.


There will be a self-destruct soldier so be careful, walk slowly and do not shift, walk to the end of the path and exit in the same place as before. First clean up the machine gun soldiers, and then clean up the small monsters on the ground, this time there will be a boss to attack you, quickly change it, duel with him!! After clearing, also enter through the right of the two lanes, there are more self-destructors in this, watch out for them, clear out. Go to the front and open the door with the green light, there will be a blue object in front of us, press e, we will get a shotgun laser...


When you get this gun, there will be monsters in front of you during the siege Take out this gun to clear their way into the front and spiral up! He sees a green door open, he goes inside, he goes straight and he sees a bunch of little monsters who don't mind them, they run away and take the next elevator up. When you open the door, you will see a yellow object and press e to get him. This is the energy of transformation.