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Want to buy a house to see real estate to understand the knowledge?

2018-02-20 03:12:00

For a person to buy a house is now the most stressful thing, the price of the house is getting higher and higher, directly affect the time you buy a house, will also increase a lot of life pressure, then we decide to buy a house, need to pay attention to what? You can listen to me tell you, as a reference.


Choose a house


Personal skill


First, there are a lot of skills to buy a house, everyone in the house to pay the insurance premium, you can save a lot of money, in fact, insurance can be a lot of 15% discount, so you 10 million real estate business there to buy, the right way is to find other insurance, this will save money.


Second, the opening of the new building we many people to choose, in fact, this is wrong, because the real estate business will not give you concessions casually, so the new real estate absolutely no good housing type, and the layout is not very good, so the good house all late sales, after being retained, launched a few sets every month.


Third, the choice of real estate when do not look at what advertising, because these advertisements are basically beautified, 90% is false, none of the real situation is the appearance of advertising, so the choice of real estate do not believe in the facade color, to actually look at the specific situation.


Fourth, the sales staff, the most favorite is that you lose your cool immediately, they will use many ways to create an illusion for you, so that you have a desire to buy all the time, then my opinion is that we must calm down, the house is much, to buy their own fancy.


Fifth, many people think that the choice of building must look at the level, this is very right, but there are also misunderstandings, we must remember that the ten floors in the high-rise, are not our right choice, because the floor above and below the ten floors is just the ash layer, but also the location of pollutants suspended, this must be careful.


Sixth, the greening of the new real estate must be gradual is a good real estate, if it belongs to the building is built well, and then hurriedly start the greening of the real estate, then there will be absolutely no good green space, because the chance of these plants to survive is very low, not a year will be devastated.


Seventh, we should know that the exterior wall of the brick is not good, the quality is very poor, because the brick water leakage is much larger than the paint leakage, and it is easy to penetrate, so it is used in foreign countries, and it is not allowed to use the brick wall, if it is used, then it is estimated that no one will pay attention.