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Upgrade the free version of avast Antivirus to the premium version

2018-05-14 04:48:21

avast is a foreign anti-virus software, the use of the score is still very high, the score of 88%, some functions of the free version can not be used, the following teach you to upgrade the free to advanced full-featured version.


A computer


avast Free software


Go to the official website or search avast to download the free version from the security version, download and install, it is best to uninstall the other anti-virus software you have installed first, the installation time may be long, patiently wait for the installation is complete. Mine has been upgraded to the premium version as shown in the picture


After installation, open the avast interface, and find the Settings -- contract -- Import license file in the lower left corner. License file download address link: Password: twmx Download, decompress and import. After import, it will appear that the advanced version is being upgraded, as shown in the figure


Wait for the upgrade to complete may take a few minutes, see the upgrade is valid until 2021, after the upgrade to restart the computer. All kinds of functions are available


You are advised to remove the virus once after the restart

Matters needing attention

Do not shut down your computer during the upgrade


It only works if you restart your computer