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Understand the refrigerator parameters and choose the right refrigerator

2018-03-30 14:24:31

As an indispensable member of modern household appliances, the refrigerator is a "cabinet" for storing food. It has a setting area for different foods, and the temperature of each area can be set independently according to the characteristics of the ingredients. Modern refrigerator technology has been very mature, the key to select a refrigerator is to understand the refrigerator parameters, according to the real parameters of the refrigerator to choose a practical refrigerator.



According to the parameters of the refrigerator selection steps

A refrigerator is a "cabinet" in which food is stored. Therefore, the ability of the refrigerator to store food, that is, the "effective volume", is the primary parameter for choosing a refrigerator. Single-door refrigerator: A refrigerator with only one door and only one small freezer space. The effective capacity is generally between 50-100 liters, and the price is more economical. Suitable for single people. Two-door refrigerator: Traditional two-door design, the capacity is generally about 150-250 liters, the price is more affordable. An economical choice for a family of 2-3. Three-door refrigerator: three-door refrigerator is a more popular refrigerator products in recent times, mainly that there is a space in the middle of the preservation function, you can freely adjust the temperature, the refrigerator capacity is relatively large, generally about 200-350 liters, the price is more expensive than the two-door refrigerator. It is suitable for a family of 3-5 people. Open door refrigerator: The capacity of the open door refrigerator is relatively large, generally more than 300 liters, and some can even reach more than 500 liters. This kind of refrigerator is more luxurious and high-end. Suitable for families with a larger housing area of 3-7 people. Multi-door refrigerator: This kind of refrigerator is mainly for high-end users, and has rich functions, mainly four-door and six-door refrigerators. The capacity is relatively large, and the price is more than 10,000 yuan. The volume of the refrigerator is generally 60-70 liters per person. However, the volume size of the refrigerator is also closely related to the climate, eating habits and the convenience of food procurement. The more developed the layout of commercial outlets and non-food markets and the more they like to eat fresh food, the smaller the volume demand for refrigerators. In addition, the large-capacity refrigerator occupies a relatively large space, and the power consumption will be larger, so when choosing, we must start from our own actual situation, and do not blindly pursue large capacity and cause unnecessary waste.


After determining the required volume of the refrigerator, the second step is to select the applicable refrigerator according to the working mode of the refrigerator. The working mode of the refrigerator is as follows: frost-free refrigerator: frost-free refrigerator has two structures, one refers to the air-cooled structure, there is an automatic defrosting device, easy to use, the cold room cooling speed, the temperature in the box is uniform, the quality of food refrigeration is good, but the cold room freezing speed is slower than the direct cold box, the power consumption is large, and the price is higher. It is suitable for the coastal areas with high air humidity, along the Yangtze River and in the south. The second refers to the air-cooled hybrid refrigerator, which combines the advantages of air-cooled and direct-cooled ice boxes, the cold room is straight-cooled, the food moisture is not easy to lose, the cold room is air-cooled, the power consumption is relatively low, and the price is relatively more expensive. Frost refrigerator: frost refrigerator generally refers to the direct cooling structure, simple structure, low price, fast freezing and cooling, good fresh-keeping and moisturizing performance, less power consumption, low noise, and relatively low price, but the cooling room is slow, the temperature in the box is not uniform, the freezer evaporator is easy to frost, and the frost trouble. It is suitable for the northern and inland areas where the winter is relatively dry. Micro frost refrigerator: micro frost refrigerator is also a kind of direct ice box, the refrigeration chamber is hidden, the frost thickness of a year is about 1 coin thickness, 2 times thinner than the frost thickness of the ordinary direct ice box, defrosting is more convenient, and the price is relatively higher than the ordinary frost refrigerator. All in all, according to the economic conditions, the southern humid areas should use air-cooled refrigerators or direct cooling, and the northern dry areas should use direct cooling, micro-frost or direct cooling.


Refrigerators are bought home for preservation, and preservation in the final analysis is to test the freezing capacity of the refrigerator. The freezing capacity of the refrigerator is the standard for judging the refrigeration speed of a refrigerator, which refers to the ability of the refrigerator to freeze a unit of food or water from 25 degrees Celsius to -18 degrees Celsius within 24 hours. Generally, products with freezing capacity greater than 12kg/24h should be selected, and good products such as Bosch and Siemens' middle and high-end refrigerators have freezing capacity of up to 18kg/24 or more.


The refrigerator is an appliance that is open almost 24 hours a year, so pay attention to the energy consumption parameters of the refrigerator when selecting the refrigerator. Try to choose energy consumption level 1, high energy consumption ratio, low power consumption per hour products.


Other in accordance with the above parameters to select the refrigerator, and then according to personal preferences, according to the refrigerator function, shape, brand and other comprehensive reference finally choose a good and durable refrigerator.