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Twenty Don 'ts about pregnancy

2018-02-15 06:24:00

Because today's living environment is much more complex than before, it often has a great impact on pregnant women and fetuses. In order to give birth to a healthy new life, we must always be vigilant before pregnancy, and endure some things that are usually considered unimportant but will have an impact.


There is no


Avoid the same disease phase "love" and get married and have children. The marriage of "falling in love" with the same illness and eventually forming a family is a very imperfect marriage. Only from the fertility point of view, the husband and wife suffering from the same disease is very easy to inherit this disease to the offspring, which will seriously affect the health of the child.


Marriage between close relatives is forbidden. Consanguine marriage can lead to fetal deformities, mental decline in children, and many congenital diseases, which has been proven by science.


Don't get married with illness. After getting married with illness, with the changes in married life, it will affect the health of both husband and wife, and if it is a serious illness, it will bring crisis and cracks to the family. More importantly, if the disease is not cured in the case of pregnancy, it is likely to have adverse effects on the health of the child.


Do not have a medical examination before marriage. Pre-marital physical examination is a necessary procedure for marriage, and it is also a guarantee for the harmonious and happy life of the husband and wife. In the pre-marital physical examination, you can also check whether the husband and wife have problems affecting the good birth and good birth, and prevent them from happening.


Do not have the necessary understanding of fertility knowledge. There are many newly married couples because of the lack of knowledge of fertility, a few years after marriage still do not have children. They were so anxious about it that they even complained to each other, leading to family discord.


Avoid pregnancy on honeymoon. Conception is the first step in giving birth, and the physical condition of the husband and wife directly determines the physique of the child in the future. During the honeymoon, both sides of the couple are generally tired, and the sex life is not very coordinated, and pregnancy is obviously not the best at this time. In addition, both spouses should avoid pregnancy after drinking, traveling or after excessive fatigue.


Avoid old age pregnancy. For women, the best pregnancy age should be between 25-30 years old, and pregnancy over 35 years old will also affect the health and intelligence of the child. The male age can be appropriately high, but not too high.


Avoid substance abuse during pregnancy. Drug abuse during pregnancy will directly affect the growth and development of the fetus in the body, and sometimes cause premature delivery, abortion or stillbirth, so it must be avoided. If you do need medication, you should take it under the guidance of a doctor and do not abuse it.


Avoid viral infection during pregnancy. Viral infection not only affects the health of the mother, but also poses a certain danger to the fetus, so it should also be avoided.


Avoid excessive sexual activity during pregnancy. Pregnancy is an important period for women, in this stage, couples should abstain from sexual life and not frequent excessive, especially in the early pregnancy and the last 2 months, but should pay special attention, otherwise it is easy to cause abortion or premature birth.


Avoid excessive fatigue and bad rest during pregnancy. Excessive fatigue will cause insufficient fetal support and affect fetal health.


Do not do physical examination during pregnancy. Regular physical checks can eliminate possible hidden dangers in time, so that the fetus can get a better development environment, which is extremely important to the mother and the fetus.


Avoid heavy smoking during pregnancy. Pregnant women smoking will cause fetal growth delays, weight loss, prone to premature birth or congenital heart disease, but also affect the child's intelligence.


Avoid heavy drinking during pregnancy. Heavy drinking in pregnant women can cause fetal alcoholism syndrome and cause fetal deformities.


Avoid exposure to harmful and toxic substances during pregnancy. Excessive exposure of pregnant women to chemical pesticides, lead, X-rays, etc., can cause fetal deformity, and may also cause the fetus to suffer from leukemia, malignant tumors and other diseases. Therefore, it should be avoided.


Avoid pregnancy mental distress, great joy and great sorrow. Otherwise, it will also have adverse effects on the fetus.


Do not play with cats, dogs and other pets during pregnancy. Otherwise, pregnant women may be infected with various germs, such as toxoplasmosis, and directly infect the fetus, causing fetal deformity.


Avoid pregnancy with illness. Women with heart disease, hepatitis, tuberculosis, nephritis and mental illness should not become pregnant. Pregnancy is bad for both mother and son. You should cure the disease before you get pregnant.


Avoid malnutrition during pregnancy. A woman can neither be overnourished nor undernourished during pregnancy. No partial food, anorexia, diet. Otherwise, it will have certain adverse effects on the fetus.


Avoid excessive recuperation during pregnancy. Many women desperately increase nutrition during pregnancy and are very greedy, which is also wrong. Overnutrition can make the fetus too large and the mother too obese, which has a negative impact on childbirth and women's health. So it should be avoided.

Matters needing attention

Be sure to give up bad habits, such as smoking and drinking.


Be sure to bear the pain and let someone else take care of the pet, the health of the baby is the most important.