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True three Kingdoms peerless 7 warriors pass story mode guide

2018-06-10 06:24:00

The 7th generation of the Warrior has added the function of IF (simulating Unreal route). Then Xiaobian will introduce the overall strategy of the story mode from the perspective of the country, mainly introduce the conditions for the emergence of the official history route and the IF route


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The story of the State of Wei

There is only one magic point in this chapter: whether to defeat Lv Bu at the beginning of the level. Choose to destroy Lu Bu, then Lu Bu meets Cao Cao in the tiger prison line will change. In short, this chapter will not change anything about the subsequent IF route.


Chapter 4 Battle conditions: Defeat Tao Qian before he escapes, and open the battle that Tao Qian is red with three times the speed. First of all, according to the instructions of the military adviser Guo Jia handsome boy broke the ambush on the road, after entering, Tao Qian will set fire to the city, and where to escape quickly to Liu Big ears, during the city will have 2 ambush generals appear, quickly broke after the west, broke the gate generals. All the way do not want anyone, has been killed, it is recommended to immediately open a peerless way, during the break the mi Zhu door. Entering the middle abatis in the north, there will be ambushed troops, only kill the guard and open the door later on horseback to continue to travel with no parallel, basically able to chase Tao Qian in the big ear array, break Tao Qian and then dry big ear.


The sixth chapter of the battle conditions: whether to save Cao Ang, Cao Anmin not rescued opened the battle of Xiapi, Dian Wei died and rescued, Dian Wei survived and will appear in and Chibi recommend using Dian Wei. As soon as you follow the instructions, do not rush out after the gate, and go north to save Cao Ang and Cao Anmin. Then it's easy to follow directions. After clearing the customs, Dian Wei will surely survive. If you go directly out of the city gate, Cao Ang and Cao Anmin immediately died in battle, after customs clearance, Dian Wei died, and the battle of Xiapi began.


Chapter 8 Conditions of the Battle of White Wolf Mountain: Clearing this pass without Guo Jia is the most important condition for the IF route of the State of Wei. Choose Zhang Liao and raid behind Bai Wolf Mountain according to Guo Jia's instructions. After defeating two of the three brothers of the Yuan family, do not destroy the last one. Defeat them and then defeat the last BOSS, and Guo Jia will survive after clearing the level.


Chapter 9 Conditions of the battle: Before saving Cao Ren, start by destroying Xu Shu's entrance, make a circle to the west, and then go southeast to destroy Xu Shu. Wait till he's done talking before you break him. Finally, he returned to the center to join Cao Ren. And then beat it all the way through.


After completing all the IFs before the Battle of Red Cliff, two dialogue options will appear. The dialogue with Guo Jia opens IF, and Cao PI speaks into official history. IF you choose the IF route, you only need to act according to the instructions of Guo Jia God, and you will perfectly crack all the strategies of the other side.


IF route Chapter 11 Suppression war conditions: Make the 5 people surrender, there will be no enemy reinforcements in the war 5 people are respectively Lu Zhao Zhang Wen Xue Zong Yan, cut off half of their blood will surrender


Zhengshi Chapter 13 Conditions of the battle of Dingjun Mountain: Defeat Huang Zhong, Xiahou Yuan survived, Xiahou Yuan will fight in the battle to defeat the enemy generals around the base, do not Zhao Yun's surprise, directly climb to Tiandang Mountain, and wait for Huang Zhong to appear. Knock him out quickly, then clear the army. The battle in Chapter 14 is whether or not to save Bond


The first chapter of the Battle before the withdrawal of Lord Lu destroyed the battle of the Impact of Lord Lu destroyed the battle before the withdrawal of Lord Lu destroyed the Sun Jian before the withdrawal of Wu County debut according to the instructions of the mission after occupying the middle three abuts, from the easternmost small, separate from the other generals, take Lord Lu directly


The third chapter of the tragic conditions of the Little overlord: defeat Xiahou Dun, Yu Ji open Yu Ji crusading war After escaping from the forest, go to the northwest to defeat Xiahou Dun, wait about 1 minute, Yu Ji appeared, defeat Yu Ji will be able to start Yu Ji crusading war. Core of the Yuji Crusade: Destroy the large altar in the northwest corner before the destruction of Yuji


Chapter 5 Conditions of the Battle of Nanjun: The success of the decoy operation has an impact on the success of the decoy operation Zhou Yu appeared in accordance with the instructions to complete two decoy plans.


The sixth chapter of the battle conditions: Guide Lu Su into the city has an impact on the battle Guide Lu Su into the city Lu Su appeared directly using Lu Su is OK


The first chapter of the Yellow Scarf Rebellion to help the people, the first people in the northwest of the map, rescued according to the instructions after the third chapter of the defense battle to defeat all retreating enemies will affect the plot; If the enemy succeeds in retreating, they will start the battle of disruption Chapter 6 The war plan of Chibi succeeds and discovers that Xu Shu will affect the plot Chapter 7 The battle prevents Pang Tong from being killed Zhang Ren hides in the most southeast Zhai, it is OK to solve him in advance


Chapter 8 Battle of Dingjun Mountain Defeat Cao XiuIF Chapter 11 Surprise Attack Defeat Xia Houyu within 15 minutes

Biography of Lv Bu

The second tiger prison escape war rescue Huaxung, no other first rescue and then the third pass coup d 'etat to ensure the safety of Wang Yun, accept all tigers after the war is open


In the battle of the third Pass Branch line, you can rescue Yuan Shaojun 3 times and run with Yuan's clan


Chapter 4 The Beginning of the change to destroy Cao Shuang, first destroy Cao Xun, Cao Yi and He Yan start Xia Hou Ba Li March Chapter 4 Branch Line Xia Hou Ba Li quickly destroy Jiang Wei, about 5 minutes Chapter 5 The battle Our army did not lose, the whole army is out of the opening battle, it is recommended to use Wei Dog eggs (Zhuge)


The fifth chapter of the branch line of the war to defend all the doors of the sixth chapter of the iron war to rescue Guo Huai quickly rode to break the northeast corner of Li Jian, taste can not have lost. After destroying Li Jian, do not enter the central Zhai will, star color will appear with wooden cattle and horses, after destroying, along the small south, waiting for the appearance of Li Jian. Hit him the second time and then join Guo Huai, it's OK


Chapter 7 毌 Qiu Jianwen Chin's chaos battle finally defeated the Wen Chin father and son first according to the instructions, such as information prompts to attack the eastern city, this time ignored the prompts. Continue to wait for the second and third Wu reinforcements. After defeating Ding Feng, he jumped to the center of the map from the northwest path. At this time, Wen Chin will shut down the city, and the system will show that the surprise attack failed. Then he quickly withdrew to prevent a second attack. And then clean up all the faces on the map. With the exception of Wen Chin Wen Yang and 毌 Yau Jian. When these three are left on the map, attack the East Side from the center of the map. After defeating Wen Qin and his son, go to the North city to defeat 毌 Qiu Jian will trigger if

Matters needing attention

Just a few more brushes with weapon levels and stuff, okay