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2018-02-22 16:00:00

As a second-tier city in China, geographical location is very important, has a long history, the scenery is very beautiful, is a very worthwhile place to travel to play, it is recommended to play the season for spring, preferably around March, not cold or hot. The play time is about 1 week, and it is safe and comfortable to travel back and forth by high-speed rail. Now I will introduce the main attractions to you


Daily necessities, umbrellas, some commonly used medicines, maps and so on


Dai Garden, full name Dai Garden. Located in the Chinese province of Olive Bar. There are five Dai natural villages in China's best-preserved scenic spot, covering an area of 3.36 square kilometers, with an estimated investment of 150 million yuan, to be completed in three phases. The first phase of investment of 42 million yuan, has completed land acquisition, road construction, tourism shopping area groundwater, power lines buried and other infrastructure construction, built the tourist attraction gate tower, welcome square, packaging of the old scenic spot, village tourism routes, riverside activity area, tourist shopping area, barbecue, water square, large amphitheater.


Mengle Cultural Park is located in the eastern suburbs of Jinghong City, at the intersection of Jiang and Liusha Rivers, beside the road from Jinghong to Olive Bar, 4 km away from the heart of Jinghong. The scenic spot is located within the ruins of the Dai Palace, with Mengle Museum reflecting the history and culture, the ruins and relics of the Dai palace and the rare and strange apes from the rainforest.


The Museum of Nationalities is located in the middle of Nanlian Mountain on the east bank of the river in Jinghong City, with a beautiful environment. The building group faces Jinghong City and is surrounded by natural forests and rubber forests on three sides. The museum covers an area of 150 mu with a building area of 16,000 square meters. The main exhibition area of the museum is divided into 5 sections, the first section is "Mengle Looking Back -- Historical Sailing Shadow"


Primitive forest Park is located in the east of Jinghong, north of the river, 8 kilometers away from the seat of the state capital, is the closest piece of primitive forest to Jinghong City. It is fully invested by Jinzhou Co., Ltd. with its own funds, and covers a total area of 25,000 mu, which is one of the largest comprehensive ecological tourism attractions. The park integrates the unique natural scenery of primitive forests and charming ethnic customs.


Snacks: Dai barbecue, fish, eggshell barbecue, I believe that many people like to eat, good taste, strong way, eat also want to eat. When eating, very smooth, silk do not want to waste, we go to travel, must remember not to miss these food.

Matters needing attention

When taking a taxi, be sure to choose a regular taxi to avoid being cheated


Always read the signs or ask a volunteer when taking the subway and bus