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Tourist Erhai accommodation Guide?

2018-04-29 19:12:00

Erhai Lake is a beautiful wind plateau lake, in a narrow shape, 40 kilometers long from north to south, an area of about 240 square kilometers. On a calm day, boating in the Erhai Sea, the clean and transparent sea is like the blue sky, giving people a quiet and distant feeling.


Travel guide




In addition to the three towers of Erhai big cruise ship, it is Cangshan Erhai, if it comes in a hurry, there is no way to appreciate the local leisurely life, only climb Cangshan, tour Erhai, when it has come! Erhai cruise ships have large luxury catamaran cruise ships such as Cuckoo, Cangshan, Dayun, Erhai No. 1 and Erhai No. 2. Studying studying


Shopping - Yangren Street formerly known as "Huguo Road", Huguo Road east-west, 1000 meters long, 7 meters wide, blue SLATE pavement, from the west Yunnan-Tibet Highway, intersection, and other main streets.


Cangshan Cangshan is not just a mountain, Cangshan is a collection, the so-called Cangshan, is actually a carrier of our imagination before we came to. But there is no doubt that Cangshan is where it all began.


Three pagodas Chongsheng Temple Three pagodas, 14 kilometers away from Xiaguan, located 1.5 kilometers north of Cangshan Ying Lefeng, back to Cangshan, facing Erhai, three pagodas composed of a big two small three stupas, a state of standing, from a distance, majestic, is one of the scenic spots of Canger.


Accommodation Gesang Inn Chain (Erhai) Address: Erhai Village pier (on the edge of Erhai) Recommendation: facing Cangshan Erhai. Outside the birds and flowers, there is a quiet and deep feeling, the mood of the whole day is good. Accommodation is an experience, if the accommodation can also bring a sense of the beauty of the scenic spots, it will definitely add a lot of points to the trip.

Matters needing attention

Roaming charges are high, remember to pay enough before departure, convenience and others.


A camera is essential, and other supplies such as sun protection should be selected according to the specific circumstances of the destination.


If necessary, you can first deposit the hotel, but as far as possible to carry valuables, cash, documents, cameras