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To travel, what are the good places to recommend?

2018-02-23 00:00:00

It is a place to witness history, both ancient and modern culture can be seen. It's worth the trip.


Confucius Temple this place regardless of the four seasons, at any time can go, here is known as the country's highest institution of learning, many famous figures in history, are from here, here people feel a strong smell of learning.


Ancient Jiming Temple is one of the ancient Buddhist temples, but also in the Southern Dynasty period of Buddhism, the temple originally occupied a very large area, and later was affected by the war, and now has been greatly reduced, but the temple has been constantly burning.


Museum Here is the earliest museum established in China, a comprehensive museum, there are a lot of precious cultural relics, to travel must go here to see.


Xinjiekou here is known as "China's first business district", there is a bronze statue of Sun, the commercial street here is very good, simply a paradise for shopping.


The old East Gate embodies the tradition here, and the Deyun Society is also built here, which attracts many celebrities.


Niushou Mountain Cultural Tourism Area here contains half of the history, Niushou Mountain, beautiful scenery, feel the beauty of nature, there are many estimates left here, here is a good place for self-cultivation.


The presidential palace is the most completely preserved modern building and an important site, which is very meaningful to understand the history. There are also gardens here, so you can feel the scenery of different places.

Matters needing attention

The above is my recommendation, for your reference, what is not good place you can leave a message.