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To, HuangGuoshu, emerald size seven holes five days tour guide

2018-03-07 17:36:00

When I was a child, I saw the Huangguoshu cigarette smoked by adults, saw the world-famous Huangguoshu waterfall, and had a mysterious yearning for that place, as well as the smart "karst emerald" size seven holes, Miao customs, quiet Qingyan ancient town, all of the wonderful scenery, the following Xiabian with you to share it.


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Day 1: - Travel lovers from the airport to Longdongbao airport, drive to the mountain, water, cave three strange tan scenery (tour time of about 2 hours) area, boat tour 500 meters long water cave, walk to visit 1000 meters long dry cave, after lunch visit the history of more than 600 years ago, the most complete preserved Ming and Qing ancient town; Qingyan Ancient Town (about 1.5 hours), see the first liberal arts champion Zhao Yijiong palace. Try the local specialty: rose sugar. Finally, visit the park where celebrities walk and watch the Love River (about 1 hour). It will arrive around 18:00.


Day 2: - After breakfast, go to the World Natural Heritage Site --, after lunch, visit Xiao Qi Kong scenic Area: Xiao Qi Kong Ancient Bridge, Raya Waterfall, 68 level Waterfall, Water forest, Cuigu Waterfall, Yuan Yang Lake, Wo. Check in for wine after dinner. Free evening.


Day 3: - After breakfast, visit the Big seven holes scenic area: Terror Gorge, the Arch of Triomphe - Tiansheng Bridge, Demon-wind Cave; After the tour, have lunch and return.


- HuangGuoshu Waterfall Day Tour Depart from the city at 7:00 after breakfast, drive to Guihuang Expressway (about 1 hour), visit the ethnic minority cultural village with primitive customs on the way, arrive at the gate of Huangguoshu Scenic Area about 1.5 hours later, transfer to the scenic car to the waterfall, visit the largest waterfall in Asia, Huangguoshu Waterfall (1.5 hours), Water Curtain Cave, Rhino Pool, etc. After lunch, visit the Star Bridge of Green Karst Scenic spot (1.5 hours), see the natural bonseong garden, beautiful Banyan tree, Mandarin duck and vine, sailing stone, water stone forest, silver chain falling pool waterfall, etc. Doupotang Waterfall (0.5 hours) and other attractions; Road view Talishi Sentry village, Gurong Wang, Luositan flood season waterfall, arrived around 19:00.


Day 5: City Day Tour - Leave in the morning, visit the 4A urban Forest Park: Qian (1 hour), follow the nine winding path (you may encounter wild macaques), visit one of the most beautiful Buddhist sites: Hongfu Temple (1 hour). Visit the city's landmark buildings: Jiaxiu Tower (30 minutes), along the Fuyu Bridge visit Gongnan Pavilion, Cuiwei Pavilion/Famous Painting Garden, stone Museum, etc. Then send guests to the airport according to the flight time, return by plane. End the trip.

Matters needing attention

1. Most of the scenic spots in the province are natural scenery, and it is a multi-ethnic province, with 49 ethnic groups such as Miao, Buyi and Shui; Has a strange landscape, rich national customs, pleasant climate.


2. Please pay attention to your words and deeds when visiting, and respect the local folk customs and folk customs. If tourists encounter wild animals in the scenic area, please do not eat, disturb or catch them, and pay attention to personal safety.


3. Local accommodation, transportation, dining and tourism conditions and developed areas have a certain difference, the itinerary specified in the tour or visit time for the approximate time, special circumstances the tour guide can negotiate with the tourists to adjust.


4. In the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, the altitude is about 1100 meters, the temperature difference between morning and evening is relatively large, the average day is only three or four hours to see the sun, is the province with the most cloudy days throughout the year, the temperature in this season, please call 12121 to inquire, please do a good job of rain prevention and warm work;