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Three Gorges free travel guide

2018-03-07 20:48:00

The Three Gorges is the general name of the three gorges on the Yangtze River (Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge, Gorge). The Three Gorges is located on the main stream of the Yangtze River in China's cities and provinces, starting from Baidi City in the west and Nanjin Pass in the provinces and cities, with a total length of 192 kilometers, consisting of Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge and Gorge. Three Gorges on both sides of the mountain confrontation, steep cliffs, the peak is generally higher than the river 1000-1500 meters. Less than 100 meters at its narrowest point. The most famous Three Gorges Dam project is on the border with China. We want to travel by ourselves. How should we plan the trip?




Cars, trains, light rail, ships, planes


Three tour hole suggested to go to the Three Gorges play, first to go, because see the three Gorges best river scenery should be in the territory, here I start from the scenic spots for you to guide. Three You cave is located in the Three Gorges Happy Valley, this place is not three holes, but three famous people in ancient times to play here. Why choose this place as a starting point? First of all, because the way to here will pass Gezhouba, I will tell you below. The most important thing is that there is a famous bungee jumping point next to here, that is the Three Gorges bungee jumping, the scenery is good. If you are young, it is recommended to experience it. Go bungee jumping while visiting Three caves.


Gezhouba this place is a must go, the key is to go to the most attractive way, the scenery along the way is the beautiful scenery of the Three Gorges. Isn't it nice to go by boat? And will pass Gezhou dam, see the dam opening and closing, the rise and fall of the water level. Be careful, take the boat where you buy it, don't miss it. When riding a ship, remember to look at the scenery, don't stay in the boat and sit on meaningless things. Get up close and personal with nature on the deck.


The Three Gorges Dam has visited the scenery of the Three Gorges Dam, the Three Gorges Dam is to see, such a project. However, we must pay attention to summer heat prevention, it is recommended that spring and autumn days are the most appropriate. It is good to learn about the history and story of the dam's construction, and to see the grand appearance of the dam. After the tour of the Three Gorges Dam, there is also a memorial hall. There are not many things here, but here you can have a full view of the Three Gorges.


The Three Gorges Dam is at the junction of and, other interesting places I will not say, may have little to do with the Three Gorges, you can go to explore. After the Three Gorges Dam, you can not go back, go directly, a famous building is the monument. Although it now looks not so lofty, the height has been surpassed by the surrounding buildings, but its history and status is still worthy of respect and remembrance, it still stands in the very center of that. There is also the most prosperous place, you can go shopping and eat snacks, nine Gong Ge hot pot can not be too spicy ah.


Hongya cave to the monument, is to come, to you will find a building may be in the underground, if you next see the style of the underground city, you will go to this place, here is also the collection of specialties, to understand the culture to go here is OK. Hongya Cave is almost the performance of characteristic architecture, it is recommended to go at night, the scenery is really not much, one side by the river, the other side by the road, but you can hardly see on the road.


The Three Gorges Museum said a little digression, now back to the point, the Three Gorges. Because the city is a municipality directly under the central government, a trip to always pay attention to understand. The Three Gorges Museum is located opposite the people of the city, it is free and open, the above-mentioned stele and Hongya Cave are also public places, in addition to consumption is not charged. Don't forget your ID card when visiting the Three Gorges Museum. Inside must first look at the notice, because there are two programs are played at a fixed time point, one is a 15-minute documentary, is the construction process of the Three Gorges and the scenery of the Three Gorges, very spectacular. A three-dimensional movie, feel good. You might be able to see some of the places you visited in the documentary. Here the three Gorges overall travel strategy is these, but more than these fun places, take time, as long as you have time, you can go to have a good time, if you have no time, you can play these, worth the trip.

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