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Three functions determine the future development of walking AIDS

2018-04-22 01:36:13

In this era of money and technology development, talent is the most lacking, if a person can have both virtue and talent, then he will be a very successful person, with a good future. A person who can do a lot of things will make a lot of friends in society, and there will be a lot of opportunities waiting for you, similarly, a device if it has a variety of functions, it will also be more popular, let's look at a multi-functional inter-state walker, its new functions determine its future development. Stool chair: The main population is hemiplegic patients, patients after surgery, the elderly, pregnant women and other people who can not support the body squat stool. When the specific use of the product installed, if the patient is the elderly can not move, to put on the toilet in the indoor stool. If you can walk around, you can go to the bathroom to use, at this time put a splash bucket. Toilet protection rack: The main population for the elderly, pregnant women, legs and feet, back pain. The main function is to protect them from falling, convenient to sit down and easy to get up. When it is used, remove the back of the toilet chair, adjust the height properly, and place it vertically on the toilet. Toilet heighter: mainly suitable for serious patients who can not support the body and can not squat too much, especially tall patients, with these new functions, I believe that we can help elderly people in need to live a better life. Such advantages to create a good product further development, while occupying a certain market dominant position, so there is a need to choose a walker in time to assist walking, so life will be better,