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There are several points to pay attention to when buying a car

2018-03-30 16:01:00

With the popularity of private cars, more and more people have bought their own cars. The problem of buying car insurance has also troubled many car lovers, so how to choose the most suitable one among many car insurance varieties? Here are a few lessons to share with you.


1. Good reputation insurance As the saying goes that wine is not afraid of the alley, a good product can be spread and recognized by the public must have its reason, usually these have a good reputation and good visibility will launch a lot of policies, it has a strong strength and scale, do not worry about rogue claims, there are strict and perfect rules and regulations, trustworthy, said state-owned enterprise life, sunshine, Huaxia Life can be, we can search and understand according to their own knowledge of insurance.


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3. A good new car, scratch insurance must buy scratch insurance, some insurance is also known as malicious damage insurance. For beginners, the car is scratched is a common occurrence, not only the car is damaged, but also hurt money. Some deep scratches maintenance costs are unusually high, a high-end car, the body is cut tens of centimeters, spray paint will be thousands of dollars. But not all cars are necessary to cover scratch insurance, for example, some low-end car claims only spend three to four hundred dollars, but the premium is nearly 300 dollars. Therefore, experts suggest that for new cars and high-end cars, the purchase of scratch insurance is a wiser choice. About the car glass situation treatment. There are generally three kinds of glass breakage: the road is broken by the splash of small stones; Breaking the side glass, stealing the contents of the car; Falling object, smashing the front or rear windshield. Glass breakage insurance is more suitable for new cars and high-end cars, especially high-end cars, the price of a piece of glass is enough for you to buy three glass breakage insurance.


4. The whole car theft, according to local conditions, depending on the security environment of the residential community, many owners live in the poor security conditions of the community, there is no fixed parking space, there is no security protection of the parking lot, and some frequently stolen models, it is best to protect theft. Insurance for some high-end or popular models will increase the rate or limit the amount of insurance, usually theft insurance will implement 20% of the absolute odds, even if you buy no deductible insurance will not help, it is still recommended to protect theft insurance. Of course, if you install an anti-theft device, the car insurance premium can be reduced.


5. Learn insurance advice to buy a class of conventional insurance such as car insurance must be understood, talk about other, water insurance what, the purchase may not understand this type of insurance, so it is recommended to listen to insurance advice is more appropriate, after all, those professional insurance experience, advice is worth referring to. For example, China Life Insurance, China, Sunshine Insurance, Huaxia Life Insurance and other large insurance recommendations have a certain degree of professionalism, they will give recommendations and suggestions according to regional factors and the purchase factors of owners of the same model, so it is convenient for us to make choices on this basis. Water risk, if there is a lot of local rain then of course buy one better.