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"The Wave that Never Dies" Where does He Lanfen clip send out the intelligence

2018-06-10 08:00:00

He put information inside the Yellow Emperor's inner Canon. "The Wave That Never Dies" is a Chinese People's Army August First film production, directed by Wang Ping, starring Sun Daolin, Yuan Xia, released in 1958 in China. Based on the story of martyr Li Bai, the film tells the story of Li Xia, a member of the Communist Party of China, who lurks in enemy-occupied areas and dedicates his life to the revolutionary cause. In the film, Li Xia, played by Sun Daolin, is a telegraph professional of the Eighth Route Army, who is sent to work underground by the superior department. Faced with the unfamiliar war environment, he trusted and complied with the command of the superior department, and soon integrated into the environment, actively started to work, and worked tirelessly. He Lanfen, played by Yuan Xia, is an unadorned female silk reeling worker and a member of the Communist Party. Li Xia was ordered to dress as husband and wife. At the beginning of the lack of understanding of the meaning of their work, in Li Xia's patience and guidance, she understood the importance of underground work, full of enthusiasm into the work, become Li Xia's good helper and like-minded life partner. Liu Nina, played by Lu Lizhu, is a social butterfly of the city and a traitor agent. Dressed up, made up, acted haughty, sly and clever. She graciously induced military spy Yao Wei to surrender to the Japanese. After the Japanese surrender, she changed her position and became the secretary of the national high office.