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The risk of multiple caesarean section is greater, and natural delivery should be advocated

2018-04-08 12:48:04

In order to allow children to go to school a year earlier, the rate of cesarean sections in major hospitals increases significantly every July and August. However, doctors said that cesarean section is a way to be forced to take when vaginal delivery is not possible, and "willful" choice of cesarean section may face many health risks. The reporter learned that there is a woman who, in 9 years, has been pregnant 4 times and carried out a cesarean section, and the fourth child successfully gave birth to a 2.71 kg baby boy. However, doctors said that this case is extremely rare, is only the second known case in the region, "at that time the situation is also very critical, and pregnant women are advised to choose natural delivery as far as possible, cesarean section as a last option." Ah Ying was 29 when she gave birth to her fourth child last year, after giving birth to a baby girl weighing 3.1 kg and 2.9 kg respectively in 2006 and 2007. At that time, the birth was in a hospital, and doctors decided that it was not suitable for natural birth, so a cesarean section was performed. In 2009, she divorced her first husband, and in 2010 she remarried and became pregnant with her third child, again by cesarean section. The doctor recalled that Ah Ying was sent to the hospital at night, 38 weeks pregnant, accompanied by contractions, abdominal pain, red, but did not break water. A few days earlier, A Ying in a hospital in the city, found that the thickness of the scar is only one millimeter, equivalent to the thickness of a piece of paper, if the contraction is severe, there may be serious consequences. On the day of the birth, the hospital obstetrics department and the department of pediatrics conducted a consultation, the operation time lasted about an hour, fortunately, A Ying successfully gave birth to a baby boy, mother and son. Before the operation, the doctor pinched a sweat for A Ying, "So many years in medicine, never encountered this situation." However, Ah Ying was completely unaware of such a risk, "is a slight feeling of stomach pain, it is estimated that almost labor, there is no other strange." A Ying told reporters that a doctor at a hospital had reassured her that there was no need to worry too much about a situation like her. "It was a lucky escape." The doctor told reporters that such an operation is difficult, and if the business is unfamiliar, it is easy to have an accident. Similar cases are very rare It is understood that 4 cesarean sections in 9 years are extremely rare, most of them are in, such as the city, previously only four or five cases a year. Doctors suggest that hospitals have always promoted natural birth, not for the mother or the health of the baby, natural birth is far superior to caesarean section. For fetuses, regular uterine contractions and squeezing of the birth canal can discharge amniotic fluid and mucus in the fetal respiratory tract, and reduce the occurrence of neonatal complications such as wet lung and aspiration pneumonia. Through the coordination function, the fetus can pass through the birth canal and complete the delivery, which is conducive to the exercise of the newborn's coordination motor ability. When the fetus passes through the birth canal, it swallows the normal bacteria adsorbed in the mother's birth canal, which can produce normal flora quickly, stimulate the newborn immune system and improve immunity. For pregnant women, because there is no need for laparotomy, there is no anesthesia accident, intestinal adhesion and other complications. It is understood that with the liberalization of the birth policy, a considerable number of pregnant women who have a second child have had a cesarean section, and the risk factor of giving birth again will increase significantly. "If conditions permit, women are advised to give birth naturally." Doctors said that for expectant mothers, letting nature take its course is the best way to give birth, there is no indication of caesarean section surgery, expectant mothers should not easily request a caesarean section. In the view of many citizens, if the first child is a cesarean section, then the subsequent pregnancy must choose cesarean section. Actually, it's not. Experts said that if physical conditions permit, a second child can still choose to give birth naturally. Experts said that in general, two years after cesarean section, the scar can grow well and can continue to be pregnant, but there are special cases, the existence of the scar is an indefinite time bomb for pregnancy. Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to achieve certain medical indications in order to do caesarean section, such as the maternal birth canal is not good, the contraction is not good, or the fetus is too large, the fetus is not in the right position, and the intrauterine hypoxia. It is understood that the city People's Hospital has now opened a midwife clinic, pregnant women can go to consult the relevant situation, including blood pressure, weight and other aspects of the content. It is necessary for women to have some checks before pregnancy and strictly control their weight, otherwise it will increase the risk of diabetes and high-risk pregnancy. The maternal recovery of natural birth is faster and better, and the baby of natural birth has higher EQ and stronger heart and lung function, calling on pregnant women to give birth naturally as far as possible under conditions. Experts said that from the doctor's point of view, also hope to be able to natural birth as much as possible, now the hospital has a pregnant woman school, they will give pregnant women some knowledge about natural birth, pregnancy education during pregnancy, but also in the diet to avoid the production of giant babies. To reduce the pain, the hospital also conducted painless births. Some women will be afraid when giving birth, taking into account these, arrange for the midwife and the mother to meet in advance, reduce the fear of the mother, let the mother relax, so that eligible women as far as possible natural birth. Cesarean section is an operation, the maternal to bear the risk of anesthesia and postoperative complications, the production process is also more than the normal birth bleeding, in addition to the harm to the mother, the baby is not good, cesarean section newborns, there may be respiratory distress syndrome, and cesarean section newborns because there is no extrusion of the birth canal, is not conducive to the expansion of the lungs, Without the stimulation of uterine contractions, newborns are prone to pulmonary disease. There are still some contraindications for pregnant women after caesarean section. Dangerous behavior one: sleeping new mothers remember not to lie down after caesarean section, this is because postpartum with the disappearance of the anesthetic effect, the pain of the incision will be slowly obvious, lying down will make the pain of uterine contraction more sensitive, so it is generally recommended that mothers lie on their side. In the postpartum 6 hours after the pillow, you can put the quilt or blanket behind the body, as far as possible to make the body and the bed into 20-30 degrees Angle, so as to minimize the body when moving on the wound shock pain and pulling pain, will make the mother feel more comfortable. After caesarean section, it will help the mother to properly fix the urine drainage bag and infusion in the appropriate position, and it will regularly massage the uterus for new mothers to observe the contraction of the uterus. New mothers are able to move their limbs when they regain consciousness after a C-section. Generally in the postpartum 24 hours, the mother will practice sitting up, turning over, and slowly get out of bed. Because the intestinal tract can also be active after the activity, the intestinal tract can be discharged after the activity, and only after the exhaust can you eat, and the diet can be slowly restored to eat some food that is fed. Proper postpartum activities can also help new mothers recover their physical strength, promote urination, defecation and lochia discharge, and prevent embolism in other parts caused by intestinal adhesion and thrombosis. Risky Behavior 2: Many new mothers are not willing to get out of bed after C-section to relieve themselves, afraid of affecting the wound, so they would rather lie in bed without eating or drinking, in fact, this approach is wrong, if not excreted smoothly after C-section, easy to cause urine retention and constipation, if there are hemorrhoids, the situation will be more serious, Therefore, new mothers should urinate and defecate as usual after caesarean section. On the second day after caesarean section, the indwelling catheter will be removed after the end of the intravenous drip. After removal, the new mother should urinate by herself in 3-4 hours. If the new mother cannot urinate, she should inform the doctor in time to ensure smooth urination and prevent urinary tract infection. It should be noted that pregnant women should pay attention to tying the abdomen with a restraint belt before getting out of bed, so that they can wrap the wound, and will not cause pain because of walking involved in the wound. Dangerous behavior three: sitting bath or bath new mothers during the month should pay attention to clean the vaginal secretions with warm water and keep the lower body clean. When taking a bath, new mothers should pay attention to not sitting bath or pelvic bath, it is best to wipe bath to prevent dirty water from infusing the reproductive tract and causing infection. A new mother after a caesarean section cannot shower before the stitches are removed, as the abdominal wound must be kept dry and clean. If you feel uncomfortable, you can wipe the area of the body with warm water, or ask a doctor to protect the wound before taking a shower. Many new mothers have a mistake, that is, they feel that they lose a lot of blood gas after caesarean section, so they eat a lot during the month, hoping to supplement all the nutrition back. In fact, after caesarean section, the mother should eat light food and should not eat high-calorie food. One week after a caesarean section, eggs, milk, fermented foods, etc. should be prohibited to prevent gas. After a week, pregnant women can slowly take in some high-protein foods, which can help repair the damaged tissue in the abdomen. If you blindly supplement after caesarean section, it will not only lead to their own meat, but also eat too much high-fat food will lead to a surge in milk fat content, which is also useless for the baby, easy to cause baby diarrhea. New mothers should pay attention not to eat tea, coffee, chili, wine and other stimulating food, it is best to eat more high-nutrition, high-calorie, easy to digest food. First of all, to do a good job of wound treatment, after caesarean section the doctor will use gauze and breathable tape for the mother to wrap the wound, under normal circumstances, 24 hours postpartum need to change the dressing, in this process, the mother has to do is to ensure that the wound is clean and dry, at the same time to minimize the chance of touching the wound, If there is any abnormal reaction or discomfort, notify the doctor immediately. Secondly, women who give birth by cesarean section must do a good job of perineal care after delivery. During the confinement period, especially within half a month after childbirth, there will be a lot of lochia that needs to be discharged from the perineum, so at this time, it is necessary to do a special job of cleaning the perineum, pay attention to the prevention of bacterial infection, it is recommended that women should develop the habit of cleaning twice sooner or later, and at the same time, scientific and effective disinfection should be carried out after washing. Uterine care is also the focus of postpartum health care, research has found that appropriate massage can improve the contraction of the uterus, avoid postpartum hemorrhage, but also help to discharge lochia. Postpartum body weak, poor resistance, so in addition to do a good job of wound care but also pay attention to the prevention of colds, caesarean section in the wound has not fully recovered before the cold cough is likely to cause the incision suddenly split. In addition, many women choose to rest in bed all day because of the discomfort of the postpartum body, in fact, it is not good to do so, for caesarean section women it is best to start to do some simple rolling or sitting up and other activities 24 hours after the operation, so as to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, and also to avoid the problem of uterine prolapsis. You must not eat before 6 hours after caesarean section surgery, you must eat after postpartum exhaust or defecation, and you can not eat too much at one time when eating, and eat less and more meals. Experts believe that C-section in fact than the general vaginal birth need to bear more pain, need to pay attention to more details, especially in the postpartum care and daily diet if not careful, it will give the maternal physical and mental health has a great impact. Experts suggest that it is best to develop a set of their own fitness program after caesarean section, and ask the family to give more care and care according to the physical characteristics of different periods.