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The new "Yu Girl" plays Huang Rong Fire, will she be the next Yang Mi?

2018-02-22 04:48:00

Some classic martial arts dramas say that "Legend of the Condor Heroes", "Tianlong Eight", "Laughing and proud River", "Return of the Condor Heroes", "Yitian Slaying the Dragon", etc., will always be adapted repeatedly, and will more or less hold some stars. Even though they have been adapted many times, they still receive applause and support from the audience.


Just like Huang Rong in the Legend of the Eagle Fighter, referring to Huang Rong, you can first come up with the name of Weng Meiling, and the mind will flash the nymphical appearance at that time, and Huang Rong this character, there are a lot of popular stars played, Mixue, Chen Yulian, Zhu Yin, Zhou Xun, Ariel Lin, each character is translated from the Huang Rong in the mind.


The reason why Guo, the director of the Legend of the Condor Heroes, shot the new version of the Condor and boldly used new people, not only to pay tribute to the classic, but also to think that the current young people need to have their own "condor" in their hearts. The play by the "90" new people starring, many old drama bone love performance, designed to pay tribute to the martial arts classic, and the role of Huang Rong is "in the girl" Li Yitong.


New people as a role of Huang Rong for the first time, feel Rong 'er has no Mu Niancimei, there are many people take Li Yitong out and played Huang Rong in the past to compare, especially take the classic Weng Meiling to compare, but after the play, many netizens road turn powder, think Li Yitong really play Huang Rong out, if read the original know what Huang Rong in the book is like, At that time, although Weng Meiling was beautiful and strange, some directors added themselves in order to cater to the mainstream aesthetic of Hong Kong, greatly deleted and changed the plot of Mr. Jin Yong's original work, aggravated the chaos, made Huang Rong dig chicken den, stripped Hong Qigong's clothes, put the seven Gong McDonnell McDonnell brothels, scolded Mu Nianchi as a lewd woman, scolded Hong Qigong as a smelly beggar and other vulgar words and deeds. So, Weng Meiling is beautiful, but she's not Huang Rong. The biggest mistake was made by the writers of Version 83, who created a bunch of inexplicable characters and added so much drama that he later apologized to Mr. Cha.


And we now see Li Yitong played Huang Rong is based on the original context in the acting, every word and every act is a smile, it is we read the imagination of the Huang Rong, Huang Rong is delicate, smart jump, reasonable, talented, cute, and beautiful as "snow mountain fairy" the same Rong 'er! And the history of yellow Rong can also be said to have their own advantages!


In fact, Li Yitong's first play is the opportunity given by Yu Zheng, just out of the audition, Li Yitong in the Republic of China fantasy drama "half demon city", because of excellent performance, was in a picture, playing the character of stubborn and frank, dare to love and hate the heroine Nie Qingcheng, with Ming Xia interpretation of a "half demon and people" love; At the same time, the drama is also Li Yitong's first personal TV series! At that time, the online drama faced with "Yu Crime", "Lao Jiu Men", "Jiuzhou Sky City" and other dramas competing to dominate the screen, Yu Zheng's new drama "Half Demon City" hit also occupied a place in the online drama market. Non-members on the line of 8 episodes, the number of plays exceeded 600 million, which is also thanks to the plot, but also thanks to the wonderful interpretation of small flowers and small fresh meat!


People red right and wrong more, since Li Yitong first drama on the heroine popular, there are netizens pulled out Li Yitong seems to have plastic surgery, there is exposure that Li Yitong plastic surgery 8 times, pulled out before the dating show, a quick look, this is not like a person, but from the mole under the lip to determine the same person, but from Li Yitong also exposed, they once had 115 pounds, feel some edema in the body, And now Li Yitong figure is good slim, also about 90 pounds. It seems that slimming is the biggest plastic surgery.


Yu is as long as the push new will fire, Yang Mi, Tong Liya, Zhao Liying were in the girl, in the eyes of people is still quite accurate, and Li Yitong is in the 2000 people picked out, for Li Yitong's first drama is also dedicated to publicity! But Li Yitong is not the artist below Yu Zheng, and Yu Zheng also so to help a new person, it can be seen that Li Yitong's development potential is relatively large!


Li Yitong in the sun without makeup, won a large number of netizens praise, many netizens said that although Li Yitong is a new person, only on temperament and skin tone after makeup, not inferior to these big stars! "However, I am not afraid to show off my bare makeup and chat with netizens in the comments, which is also quite down-to-earth."


Yu Zheng new drama "Chao Song" is about to open, and Li Yitong also has a role in it as Hu Xinger, with Zhang Zhehan, Mi Heat partner again!


Yu Zheng's evaluation of Li Yitong: "This child has been beautiful since entering the group, excellent performance, clever and sensible, like a certain scene in the cast, I believe she will make achievements in the future, I hope everyone will slowly witness her growth with me!" And praised her as a "natural actor", the first play let her do female number one, and the scene predicted that Li Yitong is the next Yang Mi.