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The most comprehensive outlying Islands duty-free shopping guide

2018-02-15 17:36:00

Nowadays, many tourists come not only for vacation tourism, but also for tax exemption, especially during holidays, tax exemption will introduce various preferential policies to attract the attention of tourists, and tax exemption often appears out of stock phenomenon. The popularity of duty-free also promotes the development of tourism economy. So tourists who want to go shopping should do a good job in advance, otherwise they will be disappointed when they find that the things they want to buy are sold out or out of stock. Here also give you a summary of some of the outlying islands duty-free shopping guide, I hope to help you. Transportation: Bay to duty-free: 8 cars, 15 cars, etc., get off at Luhuitou Square, you can also take a taxi directly, from the bay sea slope to take a taxi, the price is about 25-50 yuan, remember to the driver to dial the meter. Big to tax-free: tax-free from big is very close, you can walk directly, you can also take No. 8, No. 2, No. 4 car and get off at Luhuitou Square, take a taxi, the general starting price can be reached. Asia tax-free: No. 15 car at Luhuitou Square, taxi about 80 yuan. Duty-free shopping by outlying island passengers must meet the following conditions: ① have purchased an outlying island ticket and hold a valid identity document, the passenger holds a resident ID card (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan passengers hold a valid travel document), ② the foreign passenger holds a passport; (3) Pay for duty-free goods in the designated offshore islands, the variety of goods and the number, amount and quantity of duty-free shopping are within the scope prescribed by the State, and the purchase voucher is obtained according to the regulations; ④ In the airport quarantine area with identity documents and shopping vouchers, at the designated pick-up point to pick up the purchase of duty-free goods, and by the passenger himself on board the plane to carry to the island. Latest tax exemption policy (effective from November 1, 2012) ‍‍ 1. Age: at least 16 years old, foreign passengers leaving this Island for Mainland China by air. 2, Limit: the unit price of more than 8,000 yuan of goods, the cumulative amount of shopping is not more than 8,000 yuan (including 8,000 yuan). In addition, if there is surplus (or unused) in the duty-free limit, the passenger can use it when purchasing a commodity with a unit price of more than 8,000 yuan, and the tax base of the import tax on imported goods should be deducted accordingly, that is, the passenger pays the import tax on imported goods under the condition of "retail price of goods - remaining duty-free limit". Each person can also buy 1 piece of goods with a unit price of more than 8,000 yuan. Third, limited: within 8 pieces: cosmetics, candy. Within 5 pieces: perfume, jewelry, pens, clothing, toys (baby carriage), sporting goods. Within 4 pieces: small leather goods, beauty and health care equipment, tableware and kitchen supplies, crafts, watches, scarves, glasses (including sunglasses), ties, wool goods, cotton goods, shoes and hats, belts, bags and bags. (Subject to the category identification approved by the customs of the outlying island duty-free) Address: Duty-free is located in Yuya Avenue (opposite to Luhuitou Square in Xianyang Tian), only 20 minutes' drive from the airport and Asia. Tax-free shopping precautions ★ First buy a return ticket, with a good ID tourists must first buy a return ticket. After entering duty-free, the first thing is to go to the front desk to apply for a shopping card; With the card to purchase, and related island tax refund procedures. When applying for the card, non-local visitors must bring their ID card and return ticket. ‍★ When leaving by train or bus, no duty free shopping is allowed. Non-customers must be passengers who leave by air. Tourists who leave by train, ship, bus or other means of transportation cannot enjoy the duty free policy for the time being. In order to ensure punctual delivery of goods to the pick-up point ① Visitors from islands outside the airport must complete the purchase at least 6 hours before the flight departure. ② Tourists from islands outside the airport must complete the purchase at least one day before the flight departure;