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The housing bubble is bursting

2018-02-20 00:00:00

Nowadays, the house has become a hot topic, men, women and children can not live without the house, as if owning a house has a life security, but now the house price is high, I personally think that if the house continues to expand, when the housing price bubble burst, it will be a very bleak ending. Think about ten years ago, the house was still healthy and normal development, only ten years. Housing prices have nearly doubled fivefold, and it is hard to imagine that people's wages have not increased with the increasing housing prices, and there are still many salaried workers who go to work on a regular basis. How to let the housing price to a healthy development path?


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People - do not follow the trend, anything, as long as the popularity of up, then whether it is things or things, will flourish with the popularity, if we this group of young people to the age of marriage do not buy a house, there is no popularity, the house whether it is carved in gold or silver, will be a viewing art, uninhabited empty room let the wind and rain and corrosion, it will become a rotten end building, Today's long Johns floor has become a reality, that house prices with the decline of our popularity, vacant buildings placed where, developers can do? Only the housing price bubble burst, let the housing price healthy development.


Health - With the current housing price situation, our salary is not enough for the monthly mortgage payment, even if it is enough for the mortgage, the rest of the funds in life, clothing, food, housing and transportation have to choose the minimum consumption, and even in case of illness may not be able to take out the money for treatment, not to mention travel, filial things, even dreams can not have. What is more tragic is that when you have a house that belongs entirely to yourself, and that house is worn out and can not be used, you need to buy a new house, and this old house in 40 years, 50 years or even 70 years later, you will not have any permission to use. On the contrary, it is necessary to pay money, and the short decades of life are spent in the house. Would we young, spirited young people drop everything and buy a brick house? The answer is obviously to allow the sky-high development of housing prices, because most of our generation are only children, and parents together with their own happy. The house is not just needed.


Law - Anyone who knows how to observe the state of affairs of all things knows that anything scene is a law, the old saying often says that things must be reversed, things develop at the peak, there will be a time of decline, just like the sun, early rise, noon is the most vigorous, after noon, the sun must be going down, the day is uncertain, the moon is round and waning, and compared with the house. And a house even more mention it only xing the end, so according to the law of nature, it will be a hot potato, who holds it, who will be burned to the truth, Li Ka-shing all sold the real estate, let alone these ordinary wage earners take what to lift the house price without Shouting tired? We these wage earners still take what insist on a set of only a few decades of authority of the house, so that after decades we save and save the house to belong to their own, so that they are old and the house has nothing to do with themselves. There are additional expenses to bequeathing to our children, and the house is out of date, and the house we spend our lives chasing is not, in the end, our own.


Inventory - since house prices have been soaring, found that the city of the house opening, more and more new real estate, because everyone believes that the house to make money is the fastest way up in the world, even if we do not live in, today bought is four thousand one square, may become eight thousand one square in less than two years, just two years, put the house on hold where to earn hundreds of thousands, come particularly fast, At this time, developers will develop more and more real estate, home buyers hold the mentality of only rising and not falling to buy, but now the oversupply of houses has become a constant fact, it will take several years to consume the inventory of houses, some people count the house is enough for three billion people to live in China's old, young, sick and disabled people together, the average of more than two sets of houses per person actually have surplus. What do we need this extra building for? It has been stressed in front that now there are many only children, and house prices are high in the case of not choosing to buy a house, is it that these buildings have to wait 20 years later, a group of new people to buy your rotten building? So where do we end up? It goes without saying that the housing price bubble automatically bursts, and the role of housing prices to become notes can only be listened to and cannot be turned into reality.


Hype - We found that since the advent of the real estate team, some people began to fry garlic, ginger, peanuts, mung beans...... As long as there is group speculation, the original belongs to can instantly become 15 yuan, and then turn over five times the price, and some even hold the mentality of not selling, I want to say that whether it is a house, or food, or decoration gold, those are just things, as long as no one cares, even if the house is 100 yuan, it is more leftover products. That is a waste of things, 2014 staged 5 yuan a catty ginger suddenly turned into 15 yuan, when all people know is hype and not to buy, ginger will naturally rot, and less than two months, ginger intuition to restore the health of the price, similarly, everyone does not pay attention to the house, the developer can only sing themselves, no one to watch the situation, All it takes is two years of concerted effort, at which point the housing bubble will burst. After the collapse, housing prices can take a healthy route and better promote economic development.

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Articles are opinions, and buying a house or not is a personal choice


Real estate speculation time has passed, buy a house also need to be vigilant.


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