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The difference between two different signs of compulsory traffic insurance

2018-03-30 04:48:21

The China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) today announced the policy standard and insurance logo of compulsory motor vehicle traffic accident liability insurance. According to reports, the insurance policy and the insurance logo are noted with "China Insurance Regulatory Commission supervision" words. The policy is brown, the main text adopts the international advanced red fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink, the horizontal line under the text is composed of miniatures, and the anti-counterfeiting performance is better. In addition to the areas reserved for printing marks for different businesses, the specifications and standards of the policy are unified within the scope.


The relevant person in charge of the insurance Regulatory Commission stressed that from July 1, the insurance sign must be affixed to the front windshield of the vehicle, and the insured vehicle without the front windshield, such as motorcycles, tractors, etc., should use the portable insurance sign.


According to the "Motor Vehicle Traffic Accident Liability Compulsory Insurance Regulations", after July 1, if the department is found to have forgotten to carry insurance signs and insurance policies, it will be fined 20-200 yuan; If not insured, the penalty is twice the premium payable.


As the original commercial three insurance policies have not yet expired, but with the approach of July 1, many owners are currently renewing their insurance in advance, thinking that this can avoid a year of compulsory insurance.


The relevant person in charge of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission reminded everyone today: the supervisory department takes July 1 as the boundary to determine whether the original commercial three risks are valid, which is to see the effective period of the policy, rather than the date of insurance.


As the original commercial insurance provides for liability compensation, that is, insurance only compensates the loss within the scope of the driver's responsibility. After the implementation of compulsory motor vehicle traffic accident liability insurance, regardless of whether the insured is liable in the traffic accident, the insurance will be compensated within the liability limit in accordance with the Regulations on Compulsory Motor Vehicle Traffic Accident Liability Insurance and the specific requirements of the provisions of compulsory traffic insurance.


There are differences in the scope and amount of compensation of the two kinds of insurance, if the two types of vehicles insured respectively collide with each other, causing injury to a third party, there may be two vehicles liability upside down or imbalance phenomenon when performing the compensation liability. In this regard, the person in charge said that the two sides are still compensated according to the terms of their respective insurance policies, and can be recovered by other means.

Matters needing attention

July 1 will usher in a special period of parallel operation of compulsory insurance and some commercial three risks that continue to be effective, the relevant person in charge of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission said that the compensation of the two types of insurance is still carried out according to their respective agreed terms.