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The Aden Strategy

2018-04-22 20:48:00

In the heart of every traveler, there is a different - Aden, she may be the three sacred mountains that shock the soul; She may be a Tibetan village on the outskirts of the county; She may be the green and golden poplars by the river; She may be the red grass beach under the blue sky on an autumn day; She could be one of those ancient, pure temples... It's the kind of place where you miss her before you leave.

Travel time

The information illegally crawled from experience

Tourist equipment

Plateau weather is cold and dry, make sure to bring a sweater and down jacket. Conditional advice to wear a hardshell jacket, hiking shoes. In addition, bring some disposable underwear and socks, it is not convenient to wash clothes here. 2 High altitude ultraviolet light is extremely strong, it is best to wear a visor and sunglasses, so as not to burn the skin and eyes. The Tibetan "Doctorial hat" can block both the sun and rain and snow. Rain gear, it is best to choose rain clothes, so that it is convenient to travel. 3. Taking multivitamins, cod liver oil and other drugs can resist the hypoxic and dry climate on the plateau; Soak locally grown rhodiola rosea will eliminate or reduce altitude sickness, it is recommended to take in advance. 4 Before visiting Aden Nature Reserve, prepare more food and drink, there is nothing to eat in the scenic area. But in addition, there is no need to prepare too much dry food, the county food is not expensive, but also suitable for the taste of ordinary people.

Characteristic experience

Bike tour Ride is a bicycle, swim around. The south suburb of the county, along the river and sala Township poplar forest landscape; County department of red grass mound, mulberry mound town and ancient temple, too tired on foot, chartered car play is not enough fun, it is very suitable for cycling to visit. The road between these sites is good, and the scenery along the way may be even more worth stopping.


The plateau is located in Zubchaka, 3 km south of the county, which means "spring of friends" in Kangba culture. The facilities are particularly simple, a row of open-air wooden board rooms, the roof of each room, with a piece of wood for shelter, a look up, you can look up to the blue sky and snow mountains, full of natural breath.

Itinerary recommendation

Take a day to wander around the county, there are the ancient temple, the rural scenery of the town, the romantic poplar forest, the gorgeous red grass beach, and the tile-blue sky that can be seen everywhere on the plateau. This day's journey, compared with the mountain, is very comfortable.


 County - Red Caotan - Zhu Jie Temple - Sangdui town - Rush Temple - County - Riverside, Sala Township in the morning, do not get up too early. In the morning, the chartered bus went north, through Sangdui town, until the rush Temple, passing the Red grass Beach along the way. Return to the county in the afternoon, borrow a bicycle, ride to the southern suburbs of the river, salad township, poplar forest waiting for you. That night back to the county seat accommodation. The cost of chartered car is about 150-200 yuan, and it is not recommended to stop the passing car, which is more time-consuming. Lunch can be taken care of in Sandpile.

Accommodation guide

Accommodation in the region is generally divided into two blocks - the county town (Jinzhu Town) and Aden. The accommodation in the county is relatively good, see? It is "relatively" better ~ The host of the county should be mainly youth hostels and family hotels, and there are also some economic wines. The reference price of the hostel and the family hotel: about 40-50 yuan/bed (or about 120 yuan/room), the reference price of the standard room of the economy wine: about 180-300 yuan/room.


Aden's accommodation conditions are relatively poor, mainly Tibetan-style houses and wooden houses, most of which cannot provide hot bath services. Shangri-la Town (Riva). It is more than 30 kilometers away from the entrance of Aden Scenic area "Longtongba", where there are good star-rated wines, but more suitable for driving. There are two camps outside the Yading Nature Reserve, Yading Village and Longtongba, where there are a large number of wooden houses and Tibetan dwellings, but the conditions are relatively simple, each room 2-4 beds, about 40 yuan/bed.

Food guide

Because it is a Tibetan area, the diet of the area is mainly Tibetan food such as zanba, butter tea, beef and mutton, highland barley wine and yogurt. In addition, there are many small rice in the county, mainly concentrated near the station, and there are also some around the farmers market and Aden Road. Just eat a full stomach, more than ten yuan on the line, ordinary cooking between 10-20 yuan.


In Aden scenic area, restaurants outside the protected area are mostly concentrated near Aden Village and Longlong Dam, there is no accommodation in the protected area, and food needs to be taken care of. Or buy good food in the county or Shangri-La town (Riva).

Matters needing attention

The vast majority of tourists first arrived, have varying degrees of altitude sickness, is a normal situation, its symptoms will gradually reduce or disappear. It belongs to the plateau area, between 3000-4500 meters above sea level, with serious heart and lung diseases, and patients with hypertension should not travel here. In addition, the temperature difference between morning and evening on the plateau is large, pay attention to early and late winter protection, and you need to wear a coat all year round. Three sacred mountains, it is strictly forbidden to break ground, it is strictly forbidden to take away the sacred mountain grass, wood and stone!!! As a promising young, quality tourists, please absolutely abide by this!! Don't let your brothers despise you ~ When you encounter temples, Lamaism mounds, pagodas, etc., it is best to dismount, and you must go around from left to right.