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Ten thousand people voted: "The highest level of physical appearance of female characters in anime"

2018-02-15 08:00:00

The topic of this list is: Who do you think is the most attractive female character in anime? I have been deeply teasing the voting of this website, the list still has a variety of unscientific factors, everyone to see a good fun


Champion: Knot city tomorrow Nai "Sword God domain" 411 male role, the star is tomorrow Nai, the strength of the couple I also served, although I also like the role of tomorrow Nai, but still slightly feel that the ranking is not scientific ah


Runner-up: Rem "Re: Different World Life from zero" 330 votes Rem's popularity is simply like a rocket sky, momentum can not stop! But coming in second is a bit of a shock.


Third place: Onodera Kosaki "Pseudo-love" 327 votes "Pseudo-love" seems to be not particularly popular on our side, if you choose a goddess with a high level of appearance, I do not know how many small partners will vote for Onodera Kosaki, but in the selection of the day station, Onodera Kosaki won the third place! The goddess is also very lovely, or that sentence, the harem of the male master is too much, not so bad as one or two, quickly give Onodera Kosaki to me!


No. 4: Under the snow Snow Nai "My youth love story is really a problem." Among the 284 votes to enter the top 10 list of goddesses, dark-haired goddesses accounted for half, and basically can be counted as the type of black long straight, from this point of view, this selection is a victory for black long straight girls! Although it did not squeeze into the top three, the popularity of the snow is not to be underestimated!


No. 5: "Would you like some rabbit today?" 262 votes This goddess is in the top 10 of the high level of appearance of the girl, besides Rem, another cool hair cute girl!


No. 6: Jie Zi "Volleyball Youth" 226 Jie Zi sister beautiful, few words, looks like a cold beauty, but also glasses mother. Although the attributes of her body are also reflected in the body of other anime goddesses, the induction of attributes cannot explain why Jie Zi is so cute!


7th: Akiyama 澪 "Light sound girl" 192 votes God knows why Akiyama 澪 will fall into the seventh place, and the word "ten thousand people" itself is from the title of the Japanese station selection ah! Using "tears of The Times" to explain the number of votes obtained by Akiyama 澪 in this poll is obviously not scientific, so Xiaobian believes that the entire list reflects a kind of metaphysical......


No. 8: Si Bo deep snow "Inferior students of Magic Department high school" 171 votes Si Bo deep snow beauty, guaranteed by her brother, yes, that is the big uncle Si Bo Da also opened. Spoda also once said that the beauty of deep snow is the kind of beauty that makes people hesitate to even touch it... However, this sentence is of little use, it is said that in the original novel of this work, Shenxue has married his brother, I do not know whether Shenxue's fans are heartbroken.


No. 9: Ayase Eri, LoveLive! 169 votes have been waiting for a long time, finally waiting for you! I believe in all LoveLive! Fans are already impatient to see that none of their goddesses are in the top three, and none of them are in the top five! Although Gokai didn't make the list, Ayase Eri represented LoveLive! And won the ninth place! Although the number of votes is not satisfactory, but so many idol animation so many goddesses did not make it into the top 20, so this result, is still acceptable?


No. 10: Miyayuan Kaoru "April is your Lie" 168 votes to tell the truth, there are Ma Gongsheng and Miyayuan Kaoru in the park that meet, really amazing! Girls naked feet playing instruments, suddenly look back tears, see this scene, it is estimated that few boys do not feel the heart! However, this beauty, like the cherry blossoms as perishable, she stood on the stage wantlessly pull the bow, the talent of that scene seems to be in front of the eyes, but in the twinkling of an eye, the girl has disappeared. Even if Kaoru left, it was difficult for you to forget her. When watching "April is your lie", the penguin mother was abused, but still like this time, also like the protagonists very much, but still good reluctant to leave ah! Xiaobian would rather not so beautiful, as long as she can live to continue to accompany the public!


The rest of the rankings are as follows: No. 11: Haumi Yuda, LoveLive! 165 votes No. 12: Kagura "Silver Soul" 162 votes No. 13: Mikasa Akerman "Attack Giant" 160 votes No. 14: Xiao Mei Yan "Magic Girl Circle" 141 votes No. 15: Minami Biri "LoveLive!" 140 votes No. 16: Riyo Daily "Would you like some rabbits today?" 137 votes No. 17: Mahime Nishikino, LoveLive! 135 votes No. 18: Hime 柊 Xuena, Blood Gnawing Attack, 130 votes No. 19: Chianti Ai Rune, Ice Tetsuya, 128 votes No. 20: Shimura Myo, Silver Soul, 113 votes