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Take wedding photos to wear shoes to choose the right height, comfortable is the most important

2018-02-15 14:24:00

As the saying goes, "You only know if your shoes are comfortable." Therefore, the most important thing to choose wedding shoes is to fit and be comfortable. Imagine how uncomfortable it would be to wear a pair of ill-fitting shoes at a wedding. Everyone's foot type is different, so be sure to try it on in person until you choose the one you are satisfied with. What shoes does a sexy bride wear for her wedding photo shoot? Thin band open-toe shoes in the shooting of wedding photos no longer appear undignified, naked on behalf of fashion, this front and back are open design is very suitable for the performance of the bride's sexy. What shoes to wear for the wedding photo shoot can make the bride reveal nobility from head to toe, closed-toe satin shoes are perfect. The high heels with closed toe and heel reveal a beautiful arch like a piano string, both the charm of open shoes, and the security of all-bag shoes, coupled with the pointed design, revealing a sense of elegance and nobility. Try jeweled shoes. The eye-catching embellishments complement the beautiful bride in her wedding dress. Add a crystal anklet to make you look even more glamorous. Choose wedding shoes of appropriate height according to your usual footwear habits. Do not choose too high heels because you want to wear the wedding dress better, so that you will be very tired at the wedding, and even the embarrassing scene of crooked feet. Of course, if you usually only wear sneakers, is it possible to consider picking out a pair of low heels and practicing more before the wedding? The height of the heel is closely related to the height of the groom. Choosing the right height heel can make the bride and groom look more compatible. What shoes to wear for wedding photography is very related to what shoes the bride usually wears! If the bride usually never wear high heels, it can not be forced, it will make you walk unnatural, and even sprain your feet. Flats are just as eye-catching as heels. Choose a simple yet beautiful ballet shoe with delicate white eyelet fabric and a silk lace around the ankle that will make you feel very elegant. Choose the right color wedding shoes according to the wedding dress. Most brides will wear white wedding dresses, at this time, you should choose white or pearl shoes, do not wear a pair of black or red shoes under the white wedding dress, it looks very inconsistent. The principle is to wear what color wedding dress, choose a pair of shoes of the same color.