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Take five sides travel | Aden travel guide

2018-04-29 16:00:00

Today, after crossing the Shu Road, we can still find the splendid and colorful Shangri-La in Shu land. From the land of abundance to the plateau paradise, this most beautiful landscape avenue in China has gradually unveiled its mystery. The rhododendrons in Hengduan Mountain, the Gesang flowers on the grassland and the wild flowers are all singing, the Shangri-La World under the snow mountain in Yading Village, It is a peach blossom source belonging to the Tibetan nation and even the world, the flowers on the Haizi mountain have become huge stones, the scripture of the Tagong Temple is in an endless stream, the herdmen under the Yala Snow Mountain are free, galloping horses, to see these attractions, many people have emerged out of the idea of tourism Aden tourism, but there is no strategy how to do?

Day1, (Set)

All over the collection, stay in the designated wine, put the luggage we go out for food, Jin Li, wide and narrow lane, Du Fu cottage, there are old stories, he Ming teahouse or Guanyin Pavilion a cup of tea can talk for an afternoon, ear, change face, string, hot pot, come here, an inch is difficult to move.

Day2, - Panda Base - Ditch - Rilong (Stay: Rilong)

After breakfast in the morning, we will go to the National Giant Panda Base, and at noon, we will go to the Rilong Town of Siguniang Mountain. After arriving, we will have dinner. When the afternoon light is the strongest, the scenery is the most beautiful, with primitive forests, yaks and snow mountains standing tall. Ditch scenic area full tour car, do not need to walk, the first to the plateau should not be strenuous exercise, so the ditch is the best choice; In the afternoon, give enough time to play the ditch landscape, stay in the local wine, mainly to adapt to the plateau, and lay a good foundation for the next few days;

Day3, Rilong - Eight beauty - Tagong Grassland - Bridge (Hostel: Bridge)

After breakfast, we go to Jiaju Zangzhai, the most beautiful village in China. In the morning, Jiaju Zangzhai is the most beautiful, shrouded in clouds, living above the clouds, watching the smoke of every household and watching the most beautiful sunrise. After enjoying the most beautiful countryside, we will head to the Yala Snow Mountain, worship the goddess snow mountain, continue to the Tagong grassland, and the Mani River Valley, today to stay in the bridge known as the photographer's paradise;

Day4, bridge -- (sleep:)

Driving on the plateau above 4000 meters above sea level, feel the rich Tibetan customs of the plateau, climb the Gaolsi Mountain, arrive at the small county of Kangba, climb the Xianziwan Mountain (4659 meters above sea level) and the Kazilla Mountain (4718 meters above sea level), pass the world's highest city plateau Mingzhu County, view the scenery of Maoya grassland, pass the Infinite River, and cross the legendary hare and tortoise race Rabbit Mountain. Pass by the largest ancient glacier site and ancient ice cap on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Haizishan Nature Reserve (4500m above sea level).

Day5, - Shangri-La Township - Yading Village (Accommodation: Yading Village)

Leave after breakfast, pass through the green Poplar Forest Park, salad grassland, over the Powa Mountain (4513 meters above sea level), arrive at Shangri-La Township (that is, Riwa Township), go to the Aden ticket station to change scenic sightseeing bus, about 50 minutes to the Aden village. After lunch, pack a simple pack, take the sightseeing bus to Longtongba, start to Zhuomalatsozhen, walk along the trestle road for about 20 minutes to Chonggu Temple, and then continue to walk up the mountain for about an hour to Zhen.

Day6, Luo Rong cattle farm - milk sea - five color sea - (stay:)

The sixth day is a day, after breakfast in the inn gate to take the sightseeing car to go in, arrived at the ancient temple to take the battery car directly to the Luo long cattle farm, after the warm-up began to sprint, after adjustment, I believe that everyone's high anti symptoms disappeared, generally 3 hours can reach the milk sea and the five colors of the sea, a little faster 1 and a half hours can arrive, all the way to snow mountains, primitive forests, lakes slowly appear, In today's circle of friends can brush the screen; In the afternoon, withdraw to the inn, take the luggage ready to leave the scenic area to return.

Day7, -- Bridge -- Hailuogou (Stay: Hailuogou)

From the departure, once again over the Haizishan nature reserve again, along the 318 National Road all the way east, turn Kazilla Mountain, Scissors Bay Mountain, after the county, through the Gaolsi Mountain tunnel, across the bridge, direct to Hailuogou Valley. Soak after dinner, pure natural sulfur to wash away fatigue, sleep at night special fragrance.

Day8, Hailuogou - (end of tour)

The last day is a very relaxing day, sleep to wake up naturally, return directly after breakfast, the expected arrival time is 17 p.m., after arrival, we can have dinner or free to stroll, need to continue to play friends, before going to Aden, you can find a five-party tour to do the guide oh

Matters needing attention

Hailuogou Glacier is the youngest glacier in the world. In order to prevent it from being affected by global temperature rise, the glacier is covered with a layer of small rubble, which is not valuable for viewing.


May to June to Aden, few people beautiful scenery, along the way are all over the mountains of flowers, milk sea in this season is milky white, covered with rhododendrons, as well as horse chickens, hares, old bears, grass sheep, Cui donkey and other wild life can be seen everywhere, the mythical world in the secret environment.